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We Read the 2022 Digital Marketing Trend Reports So You Don't Have To

We tapped into the incredible resources of some of our top platform partners to offer you a collective overview of the marketing landscape.

Quickly Monitor the Health of Your Website with These Top Five Performance Indicators

Many factors determine the health of your website. Take a look at these five easy-to-track troublemakers (and other usual suspects).
Staci Tischer - Maintenance & Support -

A Digital Branding Case Study for a New D2C Ecommerce Company

Branding is a vital part of your digital strategy. The following case study highlights the branding process for Bilberry West, our new direct-to-consumer ecommerce business.
Staci Tischer - Digital Experiences -

Become a Hiring Hero By Optimizing Your Website to Attract Top Talent

In today's market, the recruitment process begins online. Organizations need to bare their proverbial soul and communicate through exceptional cultural branding.
Staci Tischer - Digital Experiences -
Banner image for Accessibility page featuring a "Welcome We Are Open" sign.

Your Inaccessible Website is Costing You Money

Web accessibility is not only a web-development issue, legal issue, and social-justice issue—it’s a financial one. If you make money from your website, or hope to, you will want to invest in accessibility.
Corey Megown - Digital Experiences -
A person holding a phone with the Shopify login screen on it and about to press the button to log in

Spotlight on Shopify: Top Features & Use Cases

Shopify offers unique flexibility for midmarket companies looking to sell direct-to-consumer (D2C). Come discover the top features and use cases that make it a fan-favorite ecommerce platform.
Staci Tischer - Platforms -

What You Need To Know Before You Begin Your Next Digital Project

When embarking on a new digital project, it may seem like there are a thousand things to worry about. Here are our top tips for a ​smooth, collaborative, pleasant, and ultimately successful digital project.
Stacy Hannemann - Digital Marketing -

Building Your Brand through Customer Service

PODCAST EP: 10 — In the final episode of season one, Nora and Andy are talking all things customer service, and how small choices you make can have a big impact on your brand and customer loyalty.
Ecommerce -

Top Oktoberfest Celebrations in Wisconsin

Looking for a way to celebrate Oktoberfest and enjoy a little good cheer and gemütlichkeit? Here are five of our favorite harvest-time celebrations in Milwaukee and beyond.
Kate Kallenberger - Events -
A team planning a website design.

5 Web Design Trends That Evolved How we Use the Internet

Some design trends are flashes-in-the-pan, others fundamentally change the way we understand how users think about and interact with the internet. Come discover five new trends that are here to stay.
Betsy Cook - Digital Experiences -

Simplifying Ecommerce Tax Compliance featuring Avalara

PODCAST EP: 09 — Today, in episode nine, Nora chats about the ins and outs of ecommerce tax compliance, collection, and reporting with Meg Higgins, VP and GM, ecommerce and marketplaces at Avalara.
Ecommerce -

Top Myths About Web Accessibility

Web accessibility is getting a lot of buzz, but most people don't have a clear idea of what it means to their business. To help sort fact from fiction, we've debunked four of the most common misconceptions about web accessibility.
Corey Megown - Digital Experiences -

Brick & Mortar: Bringing Retail Online with Callisters Christmas

PODCAST EP:08 — Today in episode eight, we're talking to one of our largest ecommerce success stories. Come discover how we brought this traditionally brick and mortar business online.
Ecommerce -
A bright yellow MailChimp logo page on a laptop screen

New Ecommerce Tool: Mailchimp's doing what?

PODCAST: BONUS EPISODE — Today we're discussing Mailchimp's new ecommerce tool and the current state (see: abundance) of tools available for businesses looking to include retail. 
Ecommerce -

Spotlight on Kentico: Top Features & Use Cases

Companies considering the Kentico system are often looking for a long-term digital solutions that can grow with their business. Come discover our favorite tools and use cases that leverage the full power of the Kentico.
Staci Tischer - Platforms -
A lady writing and planning for website and marketing content.

Our 60-Minute Content Audit: An Investment in the User Experience

We've distilled our process down into a 60-minute-or-less content audit that your team can use to identify gaps to create a stronger user experience.
Kate Kallenberger, Taylor Belmer - Maintenance & Support -
Person sketching out wireframes and user goals for UX design

Ecommerce Design: Does User Experience Really Matter?

PODCAST EP: 07 — Today, in episode seven, we are digging deep into user design. Join hosts Andy and Nora as they welcome Lightburn's lead UX/UI designer, Caitlin Mackay.
Ecommerce -

Markets, Markets, Everywhere: Omnichannel and You

PODCAST EP: 06 — Today, in episode six, we're shifting over to marketplaces. How omnichannel markets are a key part of our plan, and why you may want to take advantage of this strategy.
Ecommerce -
A crowd celebrating and clapping with award image.

Lightburn Named by Clutch as Top SEO and UX/UI Design Company

Lightburn, an award-winning digital agency located in the heart of Milwaukee's Historic Third Ward, announced today that they were named by Clutch as Top SEO and UX/UI Design Company in Wisconsin.
News -
Image of books and a computer implying market research.

Marketing Strategy: How to Beat the Competition

PODCAST EP: 05 — When you think of marketing, do your eyes light up, or do they glaze over? Today, in episode five, we'll help you understand how to get the ball rolling with your own marketing strategy. It's a big, beefy topic and we cover a lot of ground, offering real-world advice on how to move forward without getting in your own way. 
Ecommerce -
Someone reviewing a digital branding deck.

Product Branding: So, What Do We Call This Thing?

PODCAST EP:04 — Today, in episode four, we'll explore the process of branding our fledgling ecommerce company. We'll give you a sneak peek into how we did this with a startup mindset, that is, quickly and cost-effectively.
Ecommerce -

Migrating Your Sitecore Website to Kentico

In industry reviews, both Sitecore and Kentico have an overall successful ranking in the marketplace, with Kentico outranking its competitor by just a few points in pricing, integration, deployment, and support.
Staci Tischer - Platforms -
Wood worker hammering a nail.

Product Design: OMG, Making a Consumer Product Is Sooo Hard!

PODCAST EP:03 — Today, in episode three, we've started to skim the surface of product design from folks who have exactly zero experience designing a product. Fun times. Topics include; creating a production process, managing feedback overload, sourcing product materials, and creating physical prototypes.
Ecommerce -
Close-up of Microsoft Windows dashboard screen.

Microsoft and WordPress Bid Farewell to Internet Explorer

On May 19, Microsoft officially announced that it would be retiring the Internet Explorer (IE) desktop application on June 15, 2022. It will be in the best interest of organizations to transition their legacy materials sooner than later to ensure the evolution of their websites and applications are seamless into a more modern environment before integration and support disappear entirely.
A person using their phone and credit card to purchase something within a mobile Ecommerce experience.

Selecting an Ecommerce Platform

PODCAST EP:02 — Today we're talking about picking the right e-commerce platform for a small or medium-sized business. Topics include; the history of e-commerce platforms, common assumptions, product personalization, back-end management, and fee considerations.
Ecommerce -
A person looking at Google Maps search listings on their laptop with a Lightburn logo-branded coffee cup next to them

SEO vs SEM: What’s the Difference and Why It Matters

The largest differentiator between SEO and SEM is that SEO influences organic traffic (unpaid) to your website and SEM delivers paid traffic. Learn more...
Taylor Belmer - Digital Marketing -
A pair of Adirondack chairs in a yard.

Launching an ecommerce company

PODCAST EP:01 — Join us as our digital agency launches an ecommerce company and the challenges we — and you — are going to face along the way. This series will focus on solving the complicated minutia involved in starting a direct-to-consumer business.
Ecommerce -
close up of headphone and microphone used for podcast production

Lightburn Launches Ecommerce Podcast

Lightburn, an award-winning digital agency located in the heart of Milwaukee's Historic Third Ward, announced today the release of their new podcast series, Beyond the Cart. Topics will include; Getting Started, Selecting an Ecommerce Platform, Product Development, Branding, Market Research, Customer Challenges, Overhead, Operations, Inventory, and Customer Service.
News -
Large email icon overlaying an email inbox on a desktop

Marketing Automation: The Power of Personalization

Marketing automation and content personalization are two tactics with relatively low barriers to entry, which makes them a surefire way to take your digital marketing strategy to the next level.
Digital Marketing -
Looking over the shoulder of a web developer monitoring a website on multiple monitors

Upgrading Your Kentico Site: What You Need To Know

Every year, Kentico releases a major version upgrade with exciting new features, but "immediately" isn't always the best time to implement it. Here’s what you need to know before taking the leap into the next version of Kentico.
Platforms -
Banner image for Accessibility page featuring a "Welcome We Are Open" sign.

Accessible For All: An Introduction to Web Accessibility

In this blog we've demystify the jargon, legalese, and technical complexities surrounding web accessibility.
Nora Lahl - Digital Experiences -
A picture of the Lightburn logo through glass with employee in the foreground.

Lightburn Named a 2019 Best and Brightest Company to Work For

Lightburn was named a 2019 Best and Brightest Company to Work For in Milwaukee, an honor that reflects the ongoing personal and professional growth that forms the foundation of Lightburn’s culture.
Digital Marketing -
Nora Lahl seated under a lit Lightburn sign, working on her laptop and smiling

Nora Lahl Promoted to Partner and Principal at Lightburn

Lightburn is thrilled to announce that as of January 1st, Nora Lahl is a partner at Lightburn.
News -
skyline of Milwaukee, WI shot from Lake Michigan

5 Milwaukee Nonprofits That Need Your Help

If you're looking to get more involved with the community in 2019, we're here to help! Here's a list of five non-profits in Milwaukee that are always on the lookout for volunteers.
Digital Marketing -
Lightburn team members in a meeting at a coffee shop.

Not Your Boss’s Office: 8 Spots to Work Remotely in Milwaukee

As a big fan of taking things off-campus and working remote a few hours a week, I’ve compiled eight spots in the Milwaukee area that are ideal for setting up shop and getting down to business.
Kate Kallenberger - Digital Experiences -
Lightburn 404 error page graphic.

8 Clever 404 Error Pages We Love

404 error pages are a great opportunity to show off a website’s personality while also offering help to potentially confused or lost users. Here are a few 404 pages we love.
Digital Experiences -
Someone calculating conversion rate in their notebook planner

Improve Lead Form Conversions With Click Maps

With click maps, you can track users' activities on your website, see what elements they're clicking on, and gain other valuable insights that can be put toward improving your lead conversions.
Digital Marketing -
Web development team in a collaborative meeting.

Three Things We Love About The Kentico-Salesforce Integration

By leveraging the integration between Kentico and Salesforce, you're able to close the gap between sales and marketing, allowing your team to increase productivity and create a more meaningful connection with your users.
Platforms -
Close-up of the Kentico CMS interface on a screen someone is holding

Kentico Email Marketing Quick Guide

With its lead scoring, contact management, personalization, and workflow tools Kentico creates is a robust system that will simplify your marketing efforts.
Platforms -
A person using a laptop with Hubspot pulled up on the screen

Is HubSpot the Right CRM for Your Business?

HubSpot offers a free, high-powered CRM, so no matter the size of your company or your budget, you can take your business to the next level. We’re here to provide you with an overview that will help you determine if HubSpot’s CRM is the right tool for your business.
Platforms -
A close-up of a mockup of a search engine results page (SERP) on a laptop with a fireplace in the background.

SEO Audit: Does Your Website Need One?

An SEO audit gives you a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the factors that affect your website's performance on search engines.
Digital Marketing -
Lightburn team members meeting in a coffee shop discussing digital planning for clients.

Recruiting for User Research: There's Got to Be a Better Way!

Finding users for interviews or usability tests doesn't have to be an overwhelming task. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you embark on the recruiting process.
Digital Experiences -
Web developer looking at code on a laptop and Its Impact on SEO

Schema provides SEO context for blogs, news, product reviews, videos, and hosted events, making them an essential part of your digital marketing strategy.
Digital Marketing -
Sticky notes on large sheets of paper for strategic planning

Improve Your Ecommerce Conversion Rate with These Top Tips

Conversion rate is one of the most important metrics for measuring performance. Here are three things you can do to lift conversion rates and improve your bottom line.
Ecommerce -
A web developer writing code on their laptop

Three Ways to Improve User Experience with FullStory

FullStory gives you a look at how users are interacting with (and potentially struggling with) your website. Here are a few of our favorite ways you can use those insights to improve the user experience.
Digital Experiences -
photographer checking his camera at twilight in the middle of a photography shoot

Why Your Website Needs Professional Photography

Being bland or unmemorable—among other design faux pas—is one of the worst crimes a company trying to establish its brand can commit. Here's why you need professional photos for your website.
Digital Experiences -
A bright yellow MailChimp logo page on a laptop screen

4 Next-Level Ways to Get the Most Out of MailChimp

MailChimp is one of the most popular email marketing platforms on the market, and for good reason. Here are some tips and tricks to get to the most of the service.
Platforms -
Lo-fi UX wire frame sketches.

So, What Are Wireframes?

Given that wireframes are such a prominent part of the UX process, it’s important to talk about their role in the larger design process. Let's learn more.
Digital Experiences -
A person holding a phone with the Shopify login screen on it and about to press the button to log in

Is Shopify Right For Your Online Store? (It Most Likely Is)

Here’s our take on what makes Shopify such a fantastic ecommerce platform and when you may want to think about choosing a more complex platform.
Ecommerce -
Close-up of Google Ads PPC dashboard screen.

5 Common Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Mistakes That Are Costing You Money

Google AdWords and Bing are amazingly powerful digital marketing tools. Here are five common issues we’ve encountered in accounts of all budgets and sizes.
Digital Marketing -
Someone using a credit card to buy something on their laptop

3 Ecommerce Enhancements That Could Lift Your Online Sales

Here are three simple ecommerce projects that can increase your conversion rates, improve your customer experience, and help your ecommerce business grow.
Ecommerce -
A phone showing SERP results showcasing SEO and organic rankings.

1.1 Trillion Reasons SEO is Still Important

Even as Google increases the visibility of paid ads, organic search is absolutely, 100%, without a doubt still important, and as long as organic search is important, organic search optimization remains important.
Digital Marketing -
A person speeding by on a motorbike.

Is Page & Site Speed All It's Cracked Up to Be?

Make no mistake, page and site speed is critical to a site's success from both search engine and user perspectives. However, is it the gold standard by which the performance of a site should be measured? Well, not exactly...
Digital Experiences -
Someone using pens and highlighters to map out strategic planning on paper with their phone next to them

What is Content Strategy?

Content strategy is an integral part of a successful business and starts with a solid understanding of your organization, audience, and desired outcomes.
Digital Marketing -