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Graphic illustration that shows why understanding user experience leads to better web design.

Put buyer personas into practice: Capturing the voice of your customer is just the beginning for your business

Personas become truly useful with more intentional, strategic interactions that put customer information into context. Uncover psychographic data to fully understand needs, wants and motivations.

[Interview] How paper to digital transformation saved thousands, with DPC’s Camie Grabowski

Camie Grabowski discusses how the DPC team rolled out a new digtial process. Working in phases, they dug deep to understand multiple user types, optimizing data intake and saving thousands of dollars and man hours. 

Graphic illustration of authentic ecommerce experiences.

Cultivating authentic ecommerce experiences for connections that convert

Consumers’ expectations grow with every digital purchase. In today's digital landscape, you have more options than ever to deliver exceptional CX without breaking the bank.

[Case Study] How untapped data optimized a brewery's PPC ad spend

For Milwaukee’s Lakefront Brewery, the mission was to boost product visibility for a brand new Kolsch, a classic IPA, and their award-winning gluten-free New Grist brew.

A close-up of a web development and strategy meeting at Lightburn.

Three talented digital pros join Lightburn, three others change roles

Lightburn is proud to welcome three new faces to its roster of digital professionals. Additionally, three other talented Lightburners have taken on new responsibilities.

Graphic illustration representing CS agency's philosophy for designing and developing websites in Wordpress.

Our philosophy for designing and developing websites in WordPress

If you use WordPress or are considering a migration, there are some use cases that you may want to consider when choosing a partner.

A graphic interpretation of the building blocks used in app development and design.

Building a scalable mobile app: from UX to APIs and beyond

Depending on your business size and industry, a well-built app can help you streamline and optimize processes, customer service, and sales. The bottom line is that it is well worth the time, especially if it’s well-crafted around sound strategy and built to scale with your growing business.

A graphic representation of the lifecycle between email and SMS marketing automation.

4 reasons we love Klaviyo's email and SMS marketing automation platform

As you’re looking to evolve your email and SMS marketing tactics, Klaviyo undoubtedly stands out. Here are four reasons why our digital marketing and client strategists love Klaviyo.

A graphic showcasing the many layers in market and user segmentation.

Easy(er) to implement examples of segmentation strategies

If you are about to jump into the segmentation and personalization pool, fear not. You can wade into the shallow end and start making waves with some easier(er)-to-implement personalization strategies.

Gain a competitive edge by adding SMS to your marketing strategy

SMS marketing is a powerful tool. It diversifies acquisition by building a community focused on customer experience and user value.

Evolve your brand by deploying a design system: An Interview

We asked our lead UX/UI designer, and front end developer to share why design systems help create better digital experiences and strengthen brand communications.

Illustration of how to close gaps in your MarTech strategies.

Mind the gap! How to identify and close gaps in your MarTech stack

To keep your business moving forward, you must close gaps in your MarTech Stack. Create harmonious, repeatable, and profitable processes that keep your business operating at its best.

Graphic illustrating how important it is to step up your CRO strategies.

Ecommerce CRO strategies to increase your AOV + Maturity Quiz

Big box DTC marketplaces are rapidly advancing their digital customer experiences (CX), and small- and mid-sized businesses must keep up with them. Optimize conversion rates and improve AOV with these top tactics.

A graphic representing the stages of A/B testing your website's user experience.

5 uncomfortable A/B testing questions to ask when starting a testing program

A/B testing is a powerful part of your digital strategy. But only if you are ready to push aside assumptions to make room for greater customer experiences.

Graphic illustrating GA4 analytics and a how-to guide.

It’s time to implement GA4: Our 10-minute quick guide

Universal Analytics stops collecting data on July 1st. If you're still transitioning, this quick guide will help your team set up GA4 using Google Tag Manager.

Graphic illustrating the importance of website maintenance post-launch.

Maintain and maximize your website's performance post-launch

It’s important to react to website challenges in real-time, while creating the white space you need to proactively evolve features.

Illustration depicting the benefits of working with design constraints.

Transforming your digital footprint: How project constraints fuel creativity

Limited resources are often seen as obstacles when designing impactful digital experiences. However, constraints can actually help and not hinder the creative process.

Graphic illustrating Lightburn's 25 year anniversary as a CX Agency.

Lightburn expands its leadership team as digital agency celebrates its 25th anniversary

In conjunction with our 25th anniversary, we've evolved our leadership team to better reflect the agency’s continued growth.

Graphic representing how to pick the right CMS for your website.

Cracking the code: How to pick the right CMS for your website

Vetting a new CMS is often like comparing apples to oranges. But there are ways to make it easier to choose which is best for your team.

Graphic representation that simple-looking web design is easy.

Simple-looking web design is easy, and five other misconceptions that somehow still exist

It's easy to get caught up in the rhetoric around web design. Let's demystify these six misconceptions.

Graphic depicting how WebP can help improve SEO rankings.

Are WebP images the file type of the future?

If "a picture is worth a thousand words" then consider the premium value of WebP format images. Its resurgence is due to Google’s continued focus on Core Web Vitals.

Graphic illustration of an introduction to Schema markup and it's importance to SEO.

A digestible introduction to Schema markup and its impact on SEO

Schema provides context for search engines. It identifies and showcases key details for product pages, news articles, reviews, and events making its impact well worth the effort.

An illustrative representation of the legitimacy and use cases of AI-written content.

The legitimate usability of AI writing tools (Our thoughts for now)

"Not another AI article!" [We know] Without adding to the deafening screams of the Internet, we are being asked what our opinion is on AI-written content. So here goes.

Illustration representing how to pick the right CMS for your website.

Rightsizing your website's content management system (CMS)

Rightsizing your CMS allows you to set your business up for success. Rather than comparing a full list of features, let's discuss some real world examples of rightsizing your CMS.

Graphic representation of how digital marketing begins during the web design process.

Digital marketing begins during the web development process, not after

[Checklist] The difference between a basic website and one that generates leads is how the website is built — with digital marketing tactics in mind.

Illustration representing a cost-effective offense for marketing during a recession.

Marketing during a recession: The best digital defense is a cost-effective offense

Although many consumers are price sensitive and some businesses are pulling back on expenditures, your brand must make smart investments to retain its position in the market.

Graphic representation of Kentico's Xperience 13 Refresh 8 recent changes and updates.

Kentico need-to-knows: Xperience 13 Refresh 8

This platform refresh helps marketers automate redirects and page metadata while integrating SMS, CMS, and task management programs.

[Case Study] How to modernize your business by evolving its brand identity

Evolving your brand can make a big impact on your market reach. This is especially true if you are also investing in other digital projects to increase sales.

Graphic illustration of tips on how to scale your business.

The cold, hard business end of digital transformation: Tips to help scale your business

When we say “digital transformation,” do your eyes roll...or light up? This is one buzzword that shouldn’t be ignored. Here's what digital transformation can mean for you.

Illustration depicting how to future-proof your web strategy with Kentico.

[Interview] Future-proofing your web and MarComm strategy with Kentico

Discover how to increase your website's processing power while laying the foundation for future marketing and personalization tactics.

Illustration of Kentico Xperience 13 Refresh 7 need-to-knows.

Kentico need-to-knows: Xperience 13 Refresh 7 focuses on asset, widget, and reporting UX

On October 20, Kentico shared a video demo of Refresh 7. Overall, this refresh focuses on the smaller — but profoundly impactful — user experiences within Media Library, widget configuration, and integrated reports.

Graphic illustration depicting features that can make or break a DMOs conversion rates.

4 website features that can make or break a DMOs conversion rates

For destination marketing organizations, a website needs to inspire and connect travelers with a community. Here are the top 4 technical features that drive travel-centric conversions.

Graphic illustration of why DIY ecommerce is unrealistic.

"Stuckage" & Accountability: Why DIY ecommerce is unrealistic (even for us)

PODCAST S2:E9 — Can't make any headway? Today, we're talking about how to move past logistical and emotional barriers by reinforcing the need for accountability.

Illustration depicting key components every website must have.

The 5 key components every modern manufacturing website must have

In the last few years, successful manufacturers have launched D2C brands, invested in customer applications, and rethought how they showcase products. Here's how.

Graphic representation of the facts and myths within SEO ranking systems.

Let’s Talk SEO Ranking Factors: Real vs. Not vs. Maybe

Which SEO tactics *actually* help you rank? We read Search Engine Journal's 550-page fact or fiction report, so you don't have to. Here's the abridged version.

Selling Swag Online: A F&B Merch Story

Today, we're talking to one of our food and beverage clients about selling swag online. From t-shirts to gift cards, restaurants have evolved from local eateries to brand-name business groups.

Illustration representing a sneak peek into LinkedIn's new advertising toolbox.

A sneak peek at LinkedIn's new advertising toolbox

On August 17th, LinkedIn offered a sneak peek into its product roadmap for 2022 and beyond. Here are the most recent changes and updates that may impact our clients and community.

Graphic illustration of a great website experience for your restaurant.

5 essential ingredients for your multi-location restaurant website

“Where should we go for dinner?” The deciding factor may vary on any given day. What doesn’t vary, however, is how a great website experience can influence your decision.

[Case Study] How a DMO increased email marketing impact in less than three months

Email marketing. It's the best and the worst. Refreshing how you manage, produce, and distribute emails can feel like a chore. Here are 5 ways you can streamline production and increase engagement.

Graphic illustration depicting how Clarity and FullStory allow you to see how users interact with your website.

Improve your website's user experience with Microsoft Clarity & FullStory

Clarity and FullStory allow you to see how users interact with (and potentially struggle with) your website. Here are a few of our favorite ways to use those insights to improve the user experience.

Graphic illustration of when to consider an ecommerce subscription model.

Subscriptions (they're so hot right now): When to consider an ecommerce subscription model

PODCAST S2: E7 — Today we're talking about subscriptions. They're all the rage right now from meal planning kits to makeup. It might seem simple to just add a subscription button to your product page, but there's a lot more to consider.

Bookmarked resources on web

Our 25 most used (and lesser-known) web tools and resources

Outside of core platforms and design programs, every creative has an array of bookmarked web tools and trusted industry blogs they use for nearly every project. Here's ours.

A close-up of a web development and strategy meeting at Lightburn.

Lightburn adds 6 new faces to its digital team, expanding company by 20%

Lightburn, an award-winning digital agency located in Milwaukee's Historic Third Ward, is excited to welcome six new faces to its team of digital professionals.

Graphic illustration of how to recover abandoned carts from customers.

Abandoned Carts: How to Avoid Leaving Money on the Table

PODCAST: S2:E6 — Today, we're talking about abandoned carts. Learn how to avoid leaving money on the table by streamlining the checkout process and offering genuine value.

Graphic illustration of Kentico's Xperience 13 Refresh 6 and it's focus on marketing and sales integrations.

Kentico need-to-knows: Xperience 13 Refresh 6 focuses on marketing and sales integrations

On June 15, Kentico invited partners to view a live demo of refresh 6. Overall this refresh focuses on marketing and sales integrations. Here are the most recent changes and updates that may impact our clients and community.

Graphic illustration of the effects of seasonality on your PPC plan.

The effects of seasonality on your PPC plan

PODCAST: S2:E5 — Today, we're discussing the unique challenges of running paid campaigns for products with extreme seasonality, with our director of digital marketing, Clay Patterson.

Graphic illustration of how to dig up new blog topics.

Mining new blog topics from your digital marketing tools

A healthy and holistic digital marketing plan includes content development. If you're low on inspiration, here are three ways to quickly mine new blog topics from your existing tools.

Graphic representation of how to write product descriptions for your ecommerce site.

How to write engaging, informative, and persuasive product descriptions

PODCAST: S2E4 — We'll break down shopping algorithms and offer practical advice for increasing visibility by writing more helpful product descriptions for your ecommerce website.

Graphic representation of Lightburn named as one of Wisconsin's finest B2B leaders by Clutch.

Lightburn named by Clutch as one of Wisconsin's finest B2B leaders

We know how to capture quick wins, invest resources and build thoughtful, scalable, and impactful digital solutions. For this reason, Clutch has recently named Lightburn as one of the finest B2B leaders in Wisconsin for 2022.

Graphic representation of how to navigate the fine line between a website redesign and refresh.

[Checklist] Navigating the fine line between a website refresh and a website redesign

It’s easy to get lost in the weeds when considering a website refresh or redesign. The following checklist showcases the complexities of a typical project and development tasks.

Illustration showing what is a customer journey and why it is important.

Do you know your customer journey? (What it is & why it matters)

PODCAST: S2:E3 — If you are not sure, you need to put pen to paper. It is vital that you understand the different types of customers that are purchasing your product, how they interact with your sales process, and what type of support they need.

Graphic illustration of why your website needs an SEO audit.

It's time to schedule your annual SEO audit

A great marketing strategy involves a consistent investment in SEO. If you don't have a monthly maintenance plan, be sure to at least conduct an annual audit.

Graphic illustration of how to increase your website's average order value (OAV).

Increasing your website's average order value

PODCAST: S2E2 — Understanding your average order value (AOV). How to simplify the checkout process and nudge customers towards adding more to their carts.

[Case Study] Reimagining a manufacturing sales process for a D2C market

Many companies face the same challenges when transitioning their sales process to a D2C market. With a new market, comes new strategies to deliver custom products.

Graphic representation of Kentico's Xperience 13 Refresh 5 it's focus on asset management.

Kentico need-to-knows: Xperience 13 Refresh 5 helps simplifying asset management

On March 31, Kentico invited partners to view a live demo of Refresh 5. Overall this refresh focuses on images and asset management. Here are the top takeaways from our pros.

Graphic illustration of the effects of seasonality on your PPC plan.

Beyond the Cart, Season Two: Where Are We Now?

PODCAST: E2E1 — If you were listening in season one, you know that we had some delays in getting our product launched. We're going to talk about where we're at with that, user testing, and what season two has in store.

Old website design for Milwaukee Film.

[Case Study] How to manage the hierarchy of your website's homepage

It is easy to find yourself stuck in the weeds when designing your website's homepage. More often than not, stakeholders will fight over its real estate and hierarchy.

[Case Study] How we helped an ecommerce store grow 50% using Google Shopping

Come see how we helped a primarily brick-and-mortar store "buy customers" using online advertising. Paid campaigns paired with Google Shopping had a nearly 2:1 return. 

Graphic representation of how Kentico gives you regular feature development which reduces the risk of outgrowing your platform provider.

Never outgrow your CMS again with the Kentico Xperience 13 MVC

Are you pushing the limits of your CMS? If so, consider migrating to Kentico 13. Its sophisticated configuration gives you the runway to deliver highly personalized experiences to diverse user types.

Graphic representation of how to create a thoughtful brand voice.

How to create a thoughtful and well-defined brand voice for your digital presence

A well-crafted brand voice, combined with a focused marketing strategy, will make a huge impact on your brand. If you never took the time to develop a brand voice, now is the time.

Illustration of how to improve your lead form conversion rates with click maps.

Improve your lead form conversion rates with click maps

Track users' activities on your website to learn how they interact with your materials. These insights can help you make the proper changes to improve conversions.

Graphic illustration of updates that will impact your website's accessibility.

7 small updates that will make a big impact on your website’s accessibility

There are a number of “small wins” that will cover the vast majority of accessibility best practices without blowing your budget.

Corey Megown - Digital Experiences

[Case Study] How we managed big data to create a dynamic business directory for tourists

Discover the unseen organizational and data processing challenges some web directories face when filtering large amounts of information online.

Illustration representing marketing trends for 2022.

TLDR; We read the 2022 digital marketing trend reports so you don't have to!

We tapped into the incredible resources of some of our top platform partners to offer you a collective overview of the marketing landscape.

Graphic illustration of giving your Netsuite business a facelift with Kentico.

Give your Netsuite business a facelift with a Kentico storefront

NetSuite is an amazing operational system, but marketing directors and sales leaders often prefer the editability and scalability of a Kentico website. Integrating these two platforms will create greater customer loyalty and enhance business automation for businesses with an ecommerce market. 

Graphic representation of the top 5 KPIs to monitor your website.

Quickly monitor the health of your website with these top five KPIs

Many factors determine the health of your website. Take a look at these five easy-to-track troublemakers (and other usual suspects).

screenshot of Bilberry West branding design

A branding case study for a new D2C ecommerce company

Branding is a vital part of your digital strategy. The following case study highlights the branding process for Bilberry West, our new direct-to-consumer ecommerce business.

Staci Tischer - Digital Experiences
Graphic representation of how to optimize your website to attract employees.

Optimizing your website to attract top talent

In today's market, the recruitment process begins online. Organizations need to bare their proverbial soul and communicate through exceptional cultural branding.

Staci Tischer - Digital Experiences
Illustration of top web accessibility myths from our WCAG expert.

Top web accessibility myths: Busted by our resident WCAG expert

Web accessibility is getting a lot of buzz, but most people don't have a clear idea of what it means to their business. To help sort fact from fiction, we've debunked four of the most common misconceptions about web accessibility.

Corey Megown - Digital Experiences
Graphic illustration of top features and use cases.

Spotlight on Shopify: Top features & use cases

Shopify offers unique flexibility for midmarket companies looking to sell direct-to-consumer (D2C). Come discover the top features and use cases that make it a fan-favorite ecommerce platform.

Staci Tischer - Platforms
Graphic illustration of what you need to know before you begin your next digital project.

What you need to know before you begin your next digital project

When embarking on a new digital project, it may seem like there are a thousand things to worry about. Here are our top tips for a ​smooth, collaborative, pleasant, and ultimately successful digital project.

Stacy Hannemann - Digital Experiences
Graphic illustration of how to build your retail brand through customer service.

Building your retail brand through customer service

PODCAST EP: 10 — In the final episode of season one, Nora and Andy are talking all things customer service, and how small choices you make can have a big impact on your brand and customer loyalty.

Illustration of 5 web design trends that evolved how we use the internet.

5 web design trends that evolved how we use the internet

Some design trends are flashes-in-the-pan, others fundamentally change the way we understand how users think about and interact with the internet. Come discover five new trends that are here to stay.

Graphic that shows simplifying ecommerce tax compliance with Avalara.

Simplifying ecommerce tax compliance featuring Avalara

PODCAST EP: 09 — Today, in episode nine, Nora chats about the ins and outs of ecommerce tax compliance, collection, and reporting with Meg Higgins, VP and GM, ecommerce and marketplaces at Avalara.

Illustration of bringing back brick and mortar stores feature.

Bringing brick and mortar stores online with Callisters Christmas 

PODCAST EP:08 — Today in episode eight, we're talking to one of our largest ecommerce success stories. Come discover how we brought this traditionally brick and mortar business online.

Graphic illustration of top features and use cases in Kentico.

Spotlight on Kentico: Top features & use cases

Companies considering the Kentico system are often looking for a long-term digital solutions that can grow with their business. Come discover our favorite tools and use cases that leverage the full power of the Kentico.

Staci Tischer - Platforms
Graphic illustration of why your website needs an SEO audit.

Our 60-minute content audit: An investment in the user experience

We've distilled our process down into a 60-minute-or-less content audit that your team can use to identify gaps to create a stronger user experience.

Graphic representation of whether user experience matters for an online storefront.

Does user experience really matter for an online storefront?

PODCAST EP: 07 — Today, in episode seven, we are digging deep into user design. Join hosts Andy and Nora as they welcome Lightburn's lead UX/UI designer, Caitlin Mackay.

Graphic illustration of how omnichannel markets are a key part of our plan.

Markets, Markets, Everywhere: Omnichannel and You

PODCAST EP: 06 — Today, in episode six, we're shifting over to marketplaces. How omnichannel markets are a key part of our plan, and why you may want to take advantage of this strategy.

Graphic illustration of Lightburn named as top SEO partner by Clutch.

Lightburn named by Clutch as top SEO and UX/UI design company

Lightburn, an award-winning digital agency located in the heart of Milwaukee's Historic Third Ward, announced today that they were named by Clutch as Top SEO and UX/UI Design Company in Wisconsin.

Graphic illustration for building your retail brand through customer service.

How to beat the competition with a ecommerce marketing strategy

PODCAST EP: 05 — When you think of marketing, do your eyes light up, or do they glaze over? Today, in episode five, we'll help you understand how to get the ball rolling with your own marketing strategy. It's a big, beefy topic and we cover a lot of ground, offering real-world advice on how to move forward without getting in your own way. 

Illustration representation of how to brand an ecommerce company.

Branding an ecommerce company: So, what do we call this thing?

PODCAST EP:04 — Today, in episode four, we'll explore the process of branding our fledgling ecommerce company. We'll give you a sneak peek into how we did this with a startup mindset, that is, quickly and cost-effectively.

Graphic illustration of migrating your Sitecore website to Kentico.

Migrating your Sitecore website to Kentico

In industry reviews, both Sitecore and Kentico have an overall successful ranking in the marketplace, with Kentico outranking its competitor by just a few points in pricing, integration, deployment, and support.

Graphic illustration of designing a consumer product.

Designing a product: OMG, making a consumer product Is sooo hard!

PODCAST EP:03 — Today, in episode three, we've started to skim the surface of product design from folks who have exactly zero experience designing a product. Fun times. Topics include; creating a production process, managing feedback overload, sourcing product materials, and creating physical prototypes.

Graphic representation of selecting the right ecommerce platform.

Selecting the right ecommerce platform for your SMB

PODCAST EP:02 — Today we're talking about picking the right ecommerce platform for a small or medium-sized business. Topics include; the history of ecommerce platforms, common assumptions, product personalization, back-end management, and fee considerations.

Illustration of SEO vs. SEM digital marketing and why you need both.

SEO vs. SEM: What’s the difference and why you need both

SEO and SEM are different yet impactful interconnected digital marketing strategies. Both are a must-have in a solid digital marketing plan.

Illustration of launching an ecommerce company.

Launching an ecommerce company

PODCAST EP:01 — Join us as our digital agency launches an ecommerce company and the challenges we — and you — are going to face along the way. This series will focus on solving the complicated minutia involved in starting a direct-to-consumer business.

Graphic representation of Lightburn's podcast on Ecommerce.

Lightburn launches ecommerce podcast: Beyond the Cart

Lightburn, an award-winning digital agency located in the heart of Milwaukee's Historic Third Ward, announced today the release of their new podcast series, Beyond the Cart. Topics will include; Getting Started, Selecting an Ecommerce Platform, Product Development, Branding, Market Research, Customer Challenges, Overhead, Operations, Inventory, and Customer Service.

Graphic illustration of the power of personalized content with marketing automation.

Marketing automation: The power of personalized content

Marketing automation, email marketing, and content personalization are two tactics with relatively low barriers to entry, which makes them a surefire way to take your digital marketing strategy to the next level.

Screenshot of Lightburn's homepage.

Digital brand strategy: Behind the scenes of Lightburn's new look

After countless iterations, and nearly five years of tinkering with the idea of evolving our brand, we had finally committed to bringing this reality to life.

Illustration of when to upgrade your legacy website to Kentico 13.

Upgrading to Kentico 13: When to replatform your legacy website

Every year, Kentico releases a major version upgrade with exciting new features, but "immediately" isn't always the best time to implement it. Here’s what you need to know before taking the leap into the next version of Kentico.

Nora Lahl seated under a lit Lightburn sign, working on her laptop and smiling

Nora Lahl promoted to partner and principal at Lightburn

Lightburn is thrilled to announce that as of January 1st, Nora Lahl is a partner at Lightburn.

Graphic representation of what we love about the Kentico-Salesforce integration.

Three things we love about the Kentico-Salesforce integration

By leveraging the integration between Kentico and Salesforce, you're able to close the gap between sales and marketing, allowing your team to increase productivity and create a more meaningful connection with your users.

Graphic representation of a Kentico email marketing quick guide.

Kentico email marketing quick guide

With its lead scoring, contact management, personalization, and workflow tools Kentico creates is a robust system that will simplify your marketing efforts.

Graphic illustration that shows why understanding user experience leads to better web design.

How understanding user experience (UI) leads to better web design

By partnering UX and visual design at the earliest stages, you can create a website that is both visually appealing and allows users to easily accomplish their goals.

Graphic illustration of why your website needs an SEO audit.

SEO Audit: Does your website need one?

An SEO audit gives you a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the factors that affect your website's performance on search engines.

Illustration representing conversion rate tips for ecommerce sites.

Improve your ecommerce conversion rate with these top tips

Conversion rate is one of the most important metrics for measuring performance. Here are three things you can do to lift conversion rates and improve your bottom line.

Illustration of taking your Mailchimp email marketing to the next level.

4 next-level ways to get the most out of Mailchimp

MailChimp is one of the most popular email marketing platforms on the market, and for good reason. Here are some tips and tricks to get to the most of the service.

Graphic representation of how wireframes are a vital part of UX design.

Wireframes are more than just a website's blueprint: They're a vital part of UX design

Given that wireframes are such a prominent part of the UX process, it’s important to talk about their role in the larger design process. Let's learn more.

Graphic illustration of whether Shopify is right for your online store.

Is Shopify right for your online store? (It most likely is)

Here’s our take on what makes Shopify such a fantastic ecommerce platform and when you may want to think about choosing a more complex platform.

Graphic illustration of common pay-per-click mistakes that are costing you money.

5 common pay-per-click (PPC) mistakes that are costing you money

Google AdWords and Bing are amazingly powerful digital marketing tools. Here are five common issues we’ve encountered in accounts of all budgets and sizes.

Graphic representation of enhancement strategies for ecommerce.

3 ecommerce website enhancements to lift online sales

Here are three simple ecommerce projects that can increase your conversion rates, improve your customer experience, and help your ecommerce business grow.

Illustration of how website page speed is critical to a site's SEO success.

Is website page speed all it's cracked up to be?

Make no mistake, page and site speed is critical to a site's success from both search engine and user perspectives. However, is it the gold standard by which the performance of a site should be measured? Well, not exactly...

Graphic illustration of why your website needs a proper content strategy.

Still winging it? Why your website needs a proper content strategy

Content strategy is an integral part of a successful business and starts with a solid understanding of your organization, audience, and desired outcomes.