Raising the digital bar across multiple industries

Whatever you sell, however you sell it, we help you put your best digital foot forward. You'll get design for beautiful digital experiences while we ensure your business succeeds in-person or online.

Urban Machine

Investing in sustainable and scalable web design

Urban Machine prioritizes sustainability within the construction sector. Aligned with this ethos, we revamped the website utilizing the Gutenberg design system.

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Tree-Ripe Fruit Co

Unpeeling growth potential with an assortment of audits

Tree-Ripe Fruit Co. knew they were doing all the right things, but came to us for help unlocking the next phase of company growth without slowing down.

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Wells Vehicle Electronics

Using web design to drive product sales and recruitment

Wells VE needed to improve their digital experience so customers and jobseekers would search for, find and engage with content.

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Roughing It In Style

Crafting an ecommerce strategy for hearth and home

Driven by a family legacy, their owner aimed to bring the brick-and-mortar experience online to reach a larger audience.

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Jones Dairy Farm

Cooking up delicious experiences for multiple users

Jones Dairy's marketing team and branding agency came to us for help consolidating multiple websites into one to better serve multiple audiences.

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Marquette University

Modernizing a daily news platform for university relations

We created logic-driven rules across a new content strategy with a repeatable design system to better deliver University news.

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“From developing our digital marketing plan, to shooting product photography, to setting up our ecommerce fulfillment process, Lightburn did so much more than just create a new website for us.”

Michelle Zelenak
Callisters Christmas

Ovation Communities

Improving the relationship between brand and services

Ovation's website wdid not deliver the message of hope held so dearly by its stewards. The site needed to be easy to use and very informative for its audience.

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Ski Team

Designing a portfolio-driven website in WordPress

Working with agency owners, our design team developed a fun, retro web design with a comprehensive filtering system and flexible CMS.

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Edelweiss Cruises & Boat Tours

Increasing gift card sales with a modernized brand identity

Edelweiss wanted to reach a broader audience and increase bookings by launching an evolved brand and ecommerce experience.

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Douglas Dynamics

Clearing a path toward a strong digital ecosystem

We helped future-proof three manufacturing websites using WordPress multisite, improving performance and helping their team manage assets.

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Bray Architects

Engineering a WordPress website focused on design

The site needed to represent its culture and act as a focal point for marketing initiatives, showcasing its stunning portfolio of work.

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EAA - AeroEducate

Ensuring a kid-friendly educational experience

Working with the EAA, we completed a user experience audit that helped uncover areas of friction for their educational tool, AeroEducate. Our goal was to help them better communicate with their audience, increase registrations, and encourage participant completions

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Lowlands Group, LLC

Merchandising for the grandest of Cafés and Taverns

Using WordPress and Shopify, our team helped rebuild six websites, reposition their marketing efforts and sell swag.

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Digital Pix & Composites

Transforming business with custom app development

Learn how we digitized the product management process for a collegiate photo company by rebuilding their website with an integrated web app.

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Bay View Printing Co

Designing an online storefront as unique as its products

This historic letterpress company wanted to bring the artistic nature of their products and services online using Shopify.

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Untangling an online store that was struggling to stay afloat

Discover how our team was able to troubleshoot and recode Seaguar's e-commerce store in less than 12 weeks.

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The Brewhouse Inn & Suites

Designing a suite experience for Milwaukee travelers

After years of relative success, The Brewhouse Inn was looking to refresh their original website, reach more vacationers during the consideration stage of the planning cycle, and encourage longer bookings.

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Mercury Marine

Supporting a global manufacturing powerhouse

In manufacturing, maintenance and reliability are second to none. Learn how we helped Mercury Marine clean-up and streamline their global site.

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Advicent (InvestCloud)

Migrating a financial company from Sitecore to Kentico

This financial services and technology company came to us to do exactly what they do for their clients — provide efficiency and reduce costs.

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Trico Corporation

How well-designed CX can reduce website and app friction

Trico Corporation revamped their website and applications to highlight their MVP products, paving the way for advanced marketing practices.

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ITU AbsorbTech

Building a mobile app that increases service productivity

ITU AbsorbTech wanted to leverage advancing technology to create an app that will simplify processes and increase productivity among their drivers.

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FIS Financial

Modernizing a vital financial application for those in need

FIS needed to modernize their app for their users, team, and contracted partners. It had be accessible, seamless, and flexible for everyone.

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Meetings & Incentives Worldwide

Reimagining the website experience with a global MMC

The old website no longer aligned with their services, sales process, or culture as a whole. It was time for a big change.

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Weston Foods Foodservice

Kneading up a multi-lingual F&B sales portal

Westin Foods was experiencing rapid growth and needed a website that would showcase their wide breath of products.

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Confidential Financial Client

Reimagining the UX for the modern investment advisor

Working directly with their investment technology team, we created a new infrastructure for a number of enterprise applications that were crumbling.

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Western States Envelope

Pushing the ecommerce envelope for a legacy company

To enter the D2C market successfully, Western States Envelope had to evolve to meet today's consumer and logistical demands.

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Delivering an ecommerce strategy that goes the distance

When Pak-Rite came to us to update their ecommerce arm, which sources and sells famously indestructible cases, we were ready to go.

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Wisconsin Humane Society

Optimizing the adoption experience for a local nonprofit

The WHS site was uninspiring—a big miss for an organization whose relies on publishing animal-related content that tugs at the heartstrings.

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Getting super-sticky with a new D2C audience

AMD wanted a robust ecommerce storefront and digital marketing strategy that could attract a new audience while impressing search engines.

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Assoc. of Equipment Manufacturers

Equipping stakeholders with a mission-focused website

Membership includes thousands of manufacturing companies and products. With their global reach, they needed a website to handle large amounts of content.

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Gauthier Biomedical Inc.

When surgical precision meets interactive web design

Gauthier Biomedical wanted to introduce their latest product, Intellitorq, with a marketing webpage as dynamic as their innovative surgical tool.

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Kopp's Frozen Custard

Evolving the digital ecosystem of MKE's favorite custard stand

Kopp's Frozen Custard needed a complete refresh of its digital ecosystem. During the upgrade, we evolved the user experience and expanded its app.

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Crafting an energetic brand for the latest in pain-relief tech

RapidForce Shapes is relatively new to the ecommerce market and stakeholders were looking to make an impact quickly.

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Callisters Christmas

Designing an ecommerce storefront for a brick and mortar

Callisters Christmas knows ornaments, but as foot traffic in malls died down, the company decided it was ready to sell online.

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American Butter Institute

Cooking up a rich user experience by going bold

Together with their art director, we created a standalone campaign site focused on product sales through the distribution of delicious and Instagram-ready recipes.

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NXT Power, LLC

Promoting "powerful" manufacturing products online

NXT Power was determined to create an all-purpose website that showcased products and encouraged sales — during the pandemic.

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Racine Danish Kringles

Baking up a better ecommerce and user experience

Shoppers were frustrated with a dated online purchasing experience and sales were lower than they should have been.

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Milwaukee Film

Creating a digital blockbuster for Milwaukee’s biggest film festival

Although Milwaukee Film is well known in the local arts scene, their website needed some serious strategic, technical, and aesthetic cross-cutting.

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Concurrency, Inc.

Using content marketing and WordPress to generate leads

Concurrency needed to modernize the design and structure of their site to increase sales and optimize content marketing activities.

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Lakefront Brewery

 Brewing up a fresh digital strategy for a craft beer pioneer

After 30+ years of building one of the strongest brands in the business, they wanted to take the digital side of things to the next level.

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The Cawley Co.

D2C web and ecommerce design for a CX-focused brand

The Cawley Co. was excited to turn their attention to the D2C market by reimagining the customer experience and offering best-in-class customization tools.

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Destination Door County

Mapping new digital paths with a beloved coastal destination

DDC needed an emergency web migration. We immediately got to work not only re-platforming, but improving features, integrations, usability and performance.

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The Lightburn Difference

Our clients tell us that there's something special about working with us. Why? We believe it's the following pillars of service that guide everything we do:


What you see is what you get. We speak frankly, deliver on our promises, and openly share information with all our partners.


We build relationships that go the distance: our team, clients, platforms, and processes. We'll support your team for the long haul.


We start with the quick wins. We won't waste your time or investment. Our goal is to strike a balance between form and function.