DXP/CMS Evaluations

An illustrated depiction of a overwhelming feature checklist and lots of DXP CMS technology questions.

How to choose the right DXP or CMS

Picking the best engine to power your business can be a hassle. For many, the first - and sometimes only - step is to compare features and functionality. But this alone is not enough. We can help you right-size your investment the first time. 

To make the right decision swiftly, you must lay everything on the table.

  • Discuss and consolidate tools (i.e., What do you have now?)
  • Consider current needs (i.e., What is the ideal state?)
  • Consider growth plans (i.e., What do you want in the future?)
A screenshot of a requirements matrix when choosing a DXP or CMS.

Avoid analysis paralysis

The first step in our process is to build out a requirements list to guide our decision-making. 

It will look a little different based on your goals, industry, and digital maturity.

Get ready to answer some tough questions:

  • How is your business going to use, maintain, and evolve your website?
  • How will you measure success across departments?
  • Do you need to accommodate for different levels of experience? 
  • Do you plan to customize content based on different audiences?

Right-sizing for maximum efficiency

Choosing the wrong platform could have significant implications for your business efficiency and profitability. 

Select a great DXP or CMS by:

  • Defining Goals
  • Considering Scale
  • Involving Stakeholders
  • Auditing Tools
  • Building Needs Matrix
  • Analyzing Ownership Costs