Food & Beverage

Building mouth-watering digital experiences

Food and beverage ecommerce revenue is projected to exceed 16 billion this year. With the right strategy, technology, and logistics in place, you can take home a piece of that pie. Whether you need a website, app, or online sales support, we can help ensure your in-house team has everything they need to share your delicious treats with the world. 

Jones Dairy Farm

Cooking up delicious experiences for multiple users

Jones Dairy's marketing team and branding agency came to us for help consolidating multiple websites into one to better serve multiple audiences.

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Tree-Ripe Fruit Co

Unpeeling growth potential with an assortment of audits

Tree-Ripe Fruit Co. knew they were doing all the right things, but came to us for help unlocking the next phase of company growth without slowing down.

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Lowlands Group, LLC

Merchandising for the grandest of Cafés and Taverns

Using WordPress and Shopify, our team helped rebuild six websites, reposition their marketing efforts and sell swag.

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Kopp's Frozen Custard

Evolving the digital ecosystem of MKE's favorite custard stand

Kopp's Frozen Custard needed a complete refresh of its digital ecosystem. During the upgrade, we evolved the user experience and expanded its app.

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American Butter Institute

Cooking up a rich user experience by going bold

Together with their art director, we created a standalone campaign site focused on product sales through the distribution of delicious and Instagram-ready recipes.

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Weston Foods Foodservice

Kneading up a multi-lingual F&B sales portal

Westin Foods was experiencing rapid growth and needed a website that would showcase their wide breath of products.

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Lakefront Brewery

 Brewing up a fresh digital strategy for a craft beer pioneer

After 30+ years of building one of the strongest brands in the business, they wanted to take the digital side of things to the next level.

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The Lightburn Difference

Our clients tell us that there's something special about working with us. Why? We believe it's the following pillars of service that guide everything we do:


What you see is what you get. We speak frankly, deliver on our promises, and openly share information with all our partners.


We build relationships that go the distance: our team, clients, platforms, and processes. We'll support your team for the long haul.


We start with the quick wins. We won't waste your time or investment. Our goal is to strike a balance between form and function.