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Callisters Christmas

Christmas in July! Bringing a holiday tradition to life online

Callisters Christmas knows ornaments; they’ve been successfully selling at pop-up retail shops for the past 30 years. But as foot traffic in malls died down, the company decided it was ready for the challenge of selling online to grow its business.

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Kopp's Frozen Custard

Building a complete digital platform for America’s favorite custard stand

Kopp's Frozen Custard, an adored Milwaukee landmark, needed a complete overhaul of its digital presence and had several big needs that included selling pints of custard online, a complex order fulfillment systems.

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Lakefront Brewery

 Brewing up a fresh digital strategy for a craft beer pioneer

Lakefront Brewery are true beverage pioneers, innovating in the craft brewery space, and putting Wisconsin on the craft beer map long before there even was a craft beer map.

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Delivering a custom conversion strategy for cases that really go the distance

We're lucky to have had such a lengthy and satisfying relationship with Pak-Rite—nearly 15 years. So when the time came to update—Pak-Rite's ecommerce arm that sources and sells famously indestructible Pelican cases and accessories—we were raring to go.

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Crafting an energetic digital brand for the latest in pain-relief technology

RapidForce Shapes is relatively new to the ecommerce market and stakeholders were looking to make an impact quickly.

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Untangling an online store that was struggling to stay afloat

Discover how our team was able to troubleshoot and recode Seaguar's e-commerce store in less than 12 weeks.

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Help a B2B manufacturer get super sticky with a B2C audience

We helped AMD go to market with a hot new brand—Teknitape. The Teknitape website offers a sleek user experience with a stunningly responsive design, custom photography, and a unique product-filtering system.

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The Cawley Co.

Partnering with the name in name badges for an unparalleled ecommerce experience

The Cawley Co. team was excited to turn their attention to the B2C market. The owners, marketing team, accounting team, and new fulfillment team were all involved in ensuring an integrated go-to market strategy.

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Western States Envelope

Pushing the ecommerce envelope for a centuries-old paper company

With such a wide range of products, breaking through into a direct to consumer market required extra focus on ecommerce, product management, and a seamless navigation. Western States Envelope into a new century required strategy, consideration, and logistical support.

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The Lightburn Difference

Our clients tell us that there's something special about working with us. Why? We believe it's the following pillars of service that guide everything we do:


What you see is always what you get. We speak frankly, deliver on our promises, and openly share information with all our clients and partners.


We build relationships that go the distance: our team, clients, platforms, and processes. We'll support you and your team for the long haul.


We start with the quick wins. We won't waste your time or investment. Our goal is to strike the perfect balance between form and function.

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