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A desk with a Jenga game half assembled and half fallen apart.

"Stuckage" & Accountability: Why DIY ecommerce is unrealistic (even for us)

PODCAST S2:E9 — Can't make any headway? Today, we're talking about how to move past logistical and emotional barriers by reinforcing the need for accountability.

Selling Swag Online: A F&B Merch Story

Today, we're talking to one of our food and beverage clients about selling swag online. From t-shirts to gift cards, restaurants have evolved from local eateries to brand-name business groups.
Person sitting down opening up a cardboard box from a subscription box order.

Subscriptions (they're so hot right now): When to consider an ecommerce subscription model

PODCAST S2: E7 — Today we're talking about subscriptions. They're all the rage right now from meal planning kits to makeup. It might seem simple to just add a subscription button to your product page, but there's a lot more to consider.
Shopping cart with box in it, abandoned

Abandoned Carts: How to Avoid Leaving Money on the Table

PODCAST: S2:E6 — Today, we're talking about abandoned carts. Learn how to avoid leaving money on the table by streamlining the checkout process and offering genuine value.
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The effects of seasonality on your PPC plan

PODCAST: S2:E5 — Today, we're discussing the unique challenges of running paid campaigns for products with extreme seasonality, with our director of digital marketing, Clay Patterson.

How to write engaging, informative, and persuasive product descriptions

PODCAST: S2E4 — We'll break down shopping algorithms and offer practical advice for increasing visibility by writing more helpful product descriptions for your ecommerce website.
Person to using a flow chart to understand the ecommerce sales Journey

Do you know your customer journey? (What it is & why it matters)

PODCAST: S2:E3 — If you are not sure, you need to put pen to paper. It is vital that you understand the different types of customers that are purchasing your product, how they interact with your sales process, and what type of support they need.
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Increasing your website's average order value

PODCAST: S2E2 — Understanding your average order value (AOV). How to simplify the checkout process and nudge customers towards adding more to their carts.
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Beyond the Cart, Season Two: Where Are We Now?

PODCAST: E2E1 — If you were listening in season one, you know that we had some delays in getting our product launched. We're going to talk about where we're at with that, user testing, and what season two has in store.
Woman checking out at a counter using credit card reader

Building your retail brand through customer service

PODCAST EP: 10 — In the final episode of season one, Nora and Andy are talking all things customer service, and how small choices you make can have a big impact on your brand and customer loyalty.
Pile of tax related paperwork.

Simplifying ecommerce tax compliance featuring Avalara

PODCAST EP: 09 — Today, in episode nine, Nora chats about the ins and outs of ecommerce tax compliance, collection, and reporting with Meg Higgins, VP and GM, ecommerce and marketplaces at Avalara.
Callisters Christmas retail storefront

Bringing brick and mortar stores online with Callisters Christmas 

PODCAST EP:08 — Today in episode eight, we're talking to one of our largest ecommerce success stories. Come discover how we brought this traditionally brick and mortar business online.
A bright yellow MailChimp logo page on a laptop screen

New Ecommerce Tool: Mailchimp's doing what?

PODCAST: BONUS EPISODE — Today we're discussing Mailchimp's new ecommerce tool and the current state (see: abundance) of tools available for businesses looking to include retail. 
Person sketching out wireframes and user goals for UX design

Does user experience really matter for an online storefront?

PODCAST EP: 07 — Today, in episode seven, we are digging deep into user design. Join hosts Andy and Nora as they welcome Lightburn's lead UX/UI designer, Caitlin Mackay.
Shopping carts gathered in corral

Markets, Markets, Everywhere: Omnichannel and You

PODCAST EP: 06 — Today, in episode six, we're shifting over to marketplaces. How omnichannel markets are a key part of our plan, and why you may want to take advantage of this strategy.
Image of books and a computer implying market research.

How to beat the competition with a ecommerce marketing strategy

PODCAST EP: 05 — When you think of marketing, do your eyes light up, or do they glaze over? Today, in episode five, we'll help you understand how to get the ball rolling with your own marketing strategy. It's a big, beefy topic and we cover a lot of ground, offering real-world advice on how to move forward without getting in your own way. 
Someone reviewing a digital branding deck.

Branding an ecommerce company: So, what do we call this thing?

PODCAST EP:04 — Today, in episode four, we'll explore the process of branding our fledgling ecommerce company. We'll give you a sneak peek into how we did this with a startup mindset, that is, quickly and cost-effectively.
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Designing a product: OMG, making a consumer product Is sooo hard!

PODCAST EP:03 — Today, in episode three, we've started to skim the surface of product design from folks who have exactly zero experience designing a product. Fun times. Topics include; creating a production process, managing feedback overload, sourcing product materials, and creating physical prototypes.
A person using their phone and credit card to purchase something within a mobile Ecommerce experience.

Selecting the right ecommerce platform for your SMB

PODCAST EP:02 — Today we're talking about picking the right ecommerce platform for a small or medium-sized business. Topics include; the history of ecommerce platforms, common assumptions, product personalization, back-end management, and fee considerations.
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Launching an ecommerce company

PODCAST EP:01 — Join us as our digital agency launches an ecommerce company and the challenges we — and you — are going to face along the way. This series will focus on solving the complicated minutia involved in starting a direct-to-consumer business.
Sticky notes on large sheets of paper for strategic planning

Improve your ecommerce conversion rate with these top tips

Conversion rate is one of the most important metrics for measuring performance. Here are three things you can do to lift conversion rates and improve your bottom line.
A person holding a phone with the Shopify login screen on it and about to press the button to log in

Is Shopify right for your online store? (It most likely is)

Here’s our take on what makes Shopify such a fantastic ecommerce platform and when you may want to think about choosing a more complex platform.
Someone using a credit card to buy something on their laptop

3 ecommerce enhancements that could lift your online sales

Here are three simple ecommerce projects that can increase your conversion rates, improve your customer experience, and help your ecommerce business grow.