Ecommerce Consulting

An illustrated depiction of all the elements in ecommerce: directions, credit card, processing, checkout, cards, product, pages, and shopping channels.

Deliver a more robust, omnichannel experience

People shop everywhere, all the time. Make sure your business operates at its best online, offline, and everywhere in between, with a holistic retail strategy that delivers a robust integrated shopping experience. 

We can help make sure customers can purchase your products anytime, anywhere by:

  • Evolving your market and business strategies
  • Designing a more sophisticated storefront
  • Aligning your ERP and logistic system
  • Rolling out multi-device, multi-channel campaigns
A snapshot of  Beyond the Cart, Lightburn's ecommerce podcast's homepage on Spotify.

Convenience reigns supreme online & in-person

Create an end-to-end buying experience for each and every one of your shoppers with automation and personalization services that support your ecommerce strategy using: 

  • Digital Advertising
  • In-Store Offerings
  • Web Experiences 
  • SMS Sales & Alerts
  • Email Communications 
  • Customer Support

Built for your team — and you

The best brands align the consumer experience with everything from product development to ERPs, tax to compliance, shipping, and customer service.

We can help solve the complicated minutia involved in:

  • Market Strategy
  • Storefront Design
  • ERP & Logistics
  • Data Management
  • Multi-Device Marketing
  • Continuity Planning