4 Reasons We Love Klaviyo’s Email and SMS Marketing Automation Platform

Digital Marketing
A graphic representation of the lifecycle between email and SMS marketing automation.

As you evolve your email and SMS marketing tactics, Klaviyo undoubtedly stands out. Its robust features and intuitive interface have given it a significant market presence, reinforcing its standing as a preferred choice for many ecommerce and professional businesses.

We’re big fans. Klaviyo has an impressive hub for collecting and centralizing customer data, allowing our team to efficiently deliver personalized messages, promotional offers, and automation flows. It’s dynamic and easy to use. Notably, it’s an efficient solution for businesses looking to hit the reset button and rebuild their opt-in marketing channels.

Here are four reasons Klaviyo is at the top of our list: 

1. Its CDP doubles down on zero- and first-party data 

As a permission-based channel, subscribers are more likely to convert, allowing you to better track customer behavior. At Klaviyo's heart is its Customer Data Platform (CDP), which analyzes customer cohorts and uses predictive modeling to give you the best insights into customer types and preferences. With a deep technical understanding of integrations and its global partnerships, Klaviyo has access to over 300 pre-built integrations across 30 categories. You name it, they likely have it.

“Advanced customer data is the cornerstone of digital CX, and Klaviyo continues to showcase their commitment to building a more centralized CDP."

- Colleen Campbell, Director of Client Strategy

2. Klaviyo is a great  omnichannel solution for ecommerce

We have several ecommerce clients, so integration into Shopify (among others) is an undeniable bonus. Klaviyo easily syncs customer, data, behavior, purchase, history and other relevant info into your email and SMS hub. This empowers you to send targeted content by product, service or offering. 

It’s especially efficient for value-add and sales tactics such as:

  • Promo codes or flash sales: Nothing piques interest quite like a good deal. Send out exclusive codes or sales to your SMS subscribers.
  • Restock alerts: Alert customers about inventory if you are using Shopify, BigCommerce, or Magento, or an inventory-aware custom catalog feed.
  • Review requests: Ask a recent purchaser to review a product from their order. Consider offering an incentive (e.g. free shipping), which may increase conversions. 

"I love how they’ve taken tools and tactics that were historically thought of as enterprise-level only, and made them accessible and user-friendly to ecommerce brands of all shapes and sizes.”

 - Clay Patterson, Director of Digital Marketing

3. Klaviyo data integrity takes businesses to the next level 

Klaviyo’s CDP and advanced integration features help B2B companies level up how they use their data across tools and channels. While service-oriented companies lean more heavily on email marketing, creating a strategy around SMS messages can be effective.

  • Product or service updates: Notify your clients about improvements or updates to what you offer. This helps keep your business top of mind and demonstrates your ongoing commitment to quality.
  • Event alerts: If you're hosting webinars, seminars or any other B2B events, SMS can be an effective way to send reminders and drive attendance.
  • Appointment reminders: SMS reminders for meetings or service appointments help reduce no-shows and ensure a smoother business process.

“The platform has unbelievable data integrity. It’s one of the first times I felt that data management was truly a part of the user interface.”

 - Staci Tischer, Agency Marketing Manager

4. Evolving strategies with segmentation and personalization

Regardless of your business type, Klaviyo can help streamline and level up your opt-in marketing tactics. List-building can be challenging, but implementing the most minimally viable campaigns can help get you started. Just like any other segmentation and personalization implementation, setup is critical. Be sure to use the same variables business-wide. Refer to your user personas and ensure these strategies seamlessly integrate into your customer journey.

“Klaviyo continues to stay ahead of the curve without rushing any of their offerings. Their education, webinars, the platform itself, and partner resources all center on the user, which makes our job that much easier!”

Stacy Hannemann, Director of Production 

Segmentation strategies are a hot topic, and for good reason. It’s no longer just a nice-to-have, but rather something both consumers and customers expect. As always, the better you serve your customers, the more likely you are to attract and retain their loyalty.