Never Outgrow Your CMS Again With The Kentico Xperience 13 MVC

(Because Kentico 13 is more than a CMS)

Graphic representation of how Kentico gives you regular feature development which reduces the risk of outgrowing your platform provider.

Anyone who has ever been involved with a site migration knows the frustrations that may be involved in managing such a large project. Perhaps you are moving domains, updating your site navigation, changing servers, or building a new framework. No matter your migration demands we can help.

Upgrading your platform is a continuous, necessary evil you must manage as your business matures. If you have exhausted the capabilities of your current platform, then you may be ready for a more robust and sophisticated tool.

The new digital Xperience platform (DXP), provided by Kentico 13 is one of our favorite all-in-one web and digital marketing platforms. It is an enterprise-grade solution with regular feature development, hotfixes, and quarterly releases which help mitigate against the fear of "outgrowing" a platform provider. 

It also reduces the frustrating task of moving your website provider every few years. Here's how. 

Why you'll love the Kentico Xperience

When organizations have reached a high level of digital maturity, sophisticated features and capabilities are required. Once you have exhausted the capabilities of your current system, migrating to Kentico 13 will give you the runway to grow, adapt, and scale with your changing business and helps minimize long-term investment costs.

It will help you connect with your customers: 

  • The Kentico Xperience combines content management, digital marketing, and ecommerce capabilities in a single platform
  • Based on your business, Kentico features let you adapt for different user needs during the customer journey, collect and connect valuable data, and stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly changing technology landscape
  • The Kentico Xperience will also help you evolve from a “one-size-fits-all” website to a dynamic platform that speaks to users individual passions and interests

Initial advantages of re-platforming 

(or upgrading to Kentico 13)

If you have decided to invest in platform migration, there are many initial advantages that make the investment immediately worthwhile.

  • Restart with a fresh build – implement design consistency, streamline codebase, optimize for search and cleanup information architecture
  • ... OR 'Lift & Shift' your website in order to take advantage of immediate upgrades, but plan for iterative, long-term design or development change 
  • Improve security and performance
  • Start gathering customer data and introducing personalized content
  • Eliminate your third-party email system and move email marketing to Kentico, which allows for better segmentation and automated drip campaigns

Future considerations and scalability

With the redevelopment of Kentico 13, the platform was inherently built to evolve with web best practices and technology.

  • It offers more robust feature to allow for future growth (chat integrations, multi-variant testing, AI machine learning and tailored recommendations)
  • Contact databases will become more valuable over time aligning with and informing marketing and advertising strategies
  • Kentico offers feature development and regular quarterly releases available for all users

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High-level features and capabilities 

Content management:

  • Does your site contain a lot of information? Powerful content modeling tools will help create and maintain sophisticated hierarchical information architecture. 
  • Do you have a hands-on marketing team? Page Builder components let your team build drag and drop landing pages more efficiently
  • Are there multiple content contributors? Flexible workflows allow for content production and role based permissions
  • Do you have a large audience? Structured content can be reused across the site and in email campaigns so you are doing less duplicative work! 
  • Do you need to accommodate multiple languages? Kentico 13 has Multilingual content capabilities

Customer data and personalization:

  • Kentico 13 introduces the ability to capture data about visitors and use that data to create personalized experiences
  • User interactions/engagement from the website and email are tracked in a single profile, giving us greater capabilities to understand visitors, optimize content delivery, and segment audiences
  • Combine data from smart forms and surveys as well as on site interactions to create segments and personas
  • We can then leverage segments to deliver highly relevant content to boost user engagement and conversions
  • Allows for better coordination and integration between advertising and on-site user experience. We can leverage the same targeting and segmentation tactics for ad placement to reinforce messaging when a user visits the website. In the other direction, the website will also provide a wealth of new data to help inform advertising and targeting strategies and tactics
  • Personalized content strategies can be developed based on target geographic markets, user interests, and personas of where users are in a trip planning journey

Email marketing and automation:

  • As an all-in-one platform, your team can simplify its tech stack and reduce the number of platforms used for multiple activities 
  • Kentico 13 gives your team the ability to send targeted messages based on website activity, customer data, or lead scoring
  • Leverage its  out-of-the-box technology for automated drip campaigns and customer journey mapping 

Chat integration:

  • Kentico 13 has live chat and chat bots technology that you can leverage for customer support calls on-demand

Analytics and reporting:

  • Kentico 13 offers built in tools allow for webpage and marketing A/B testing by type
  • Robust reporting capabilities will help streamline the reporting process and allow you to spend more time on valuable analysis and strategy

This is just the beginning...

Whether you are looking to develop a fully customized website from scratch, or looking to re-design, streamline, or evolve your current Kentico website, our pros can help you get the most out of your time and investment. Learn more about Kentico or drop us a line to get a free consultation today.

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