Kentico Need-to-Knows: Xperience 13 Refresh 8

Below are the most recent changes and updates from Kentico that may impact our clients and community.

Graphic representation of Kentico's Xperience 13 Refresh 8 recent changes and updates.

The folks behind Kentico Xperience 13 continue to do two things extraordinarily well; evolve their system to better serve customers and keep partners well informed.

On December 15, Kentico shared a video demo of Refresh 8. Overall, this platform refresh helps marketers automate page redirects and import metadata while simplifying data between SMS, CMS, and task management programs. 

"I am so excited to see how these new macros can help simplify metadata entry."

- Taylor Belmer, SEO Analyst

Kentico Experience 13 Refresh 8 Overview

Key comments and takeaways from our pros:

  • The Kentico team is helping marketers manage campaign content after a campaign has finished by offering in-page redirect paths when unpublished, reducing 404 errors for pages and supporting documents. 
  • Using similar workflows, there are new enable and disable automation fields for marketing automations in order to reduce misfires. 
  • The big win this time around, the Kentico team has created macro fields that can be set up to automate page title, page description, and keyword fields to help pre-fill page metadata fields.
  • Spam is a universal challenge. In this refresh, security has been upgraded to increase form protection by supporting the latest reCAPTCHA v3. Be sure to add it to your current forms if you're already registered with Google.
  • Kentico is leveraging Twilio to help manage SMS notifications to send and receive marketing and sales notifications directly to customers using conditional formatting in the automations app. Be sure you've registered with Twilio.
  • Since many of their clients leverage Salesforce, they have increased data integrations and two-way synchronization between the platforms. Specifically, updating parameters to the newest version of Salesforce to better merge and manage form field data using the Scheduled Tasks app. Be sure to properly map fields in your integration settings and include scoring data. 

Other notes include:

Microsoft has ending its .NET Core 3.1 support. Kentico itself will stop supporting it in March 2023.  

Whether you are looking to develop a fully customized website from scratch, or looking to re-design, streamline, or evolve your current Kentico website, our pros can help you get the most out of your time and investment. Learn more or drop us a line to get a free consultation today.

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