Market Segmentation

An illustrated depiction of how user profiles help segment your market and display personalized content.

Step up your content game with segmentation

Successful businesses segment customer data across their entire MarComm tech stack. Speaking directly to the interests, pain points, and purchase habits of different users will increase engagement.

Our expertly-researched segmentation strategies:

  • Minimize the risk of under or over-selling
  • Improve conversion rates, lowing acquisition costs
  • Simplify product development, increasing LTV
  • Deliver highly targeted marketing campaigns
  • Write hyper-personalized content

Data drives growth

Identify users, prospects, and repeat customers by individual and business-driven demographics, behaviors, and interests across all of your technologies. 

Infuse segmentation within your:

  • DXPs, CMSs, CRMs
  • Email & SMS Content
  • Social Media Posts
  • Paid Ad Groups
  • Analytic Reports
  • Automation Tools