Kentico need-to-knows: Xperience 13 Refresh 6 focuses on marketing and sales integrations

Below are the most recent changes and updates from Kentico that may impact our clients and community.


The folks behind Kentico Xperience 13 continue to do two things extraordinarily well; evolve their system to better serve customers and keep partners well informed.

On June 15, Kentico invited partners to view a live demo of Refresh 6. Overall this refresh focuses on marketing and sales integrations. 

"Integrating Google Search Console with Xperience DXP will dramatically streamline our on-page SEO efforts. We’re excited to see Kentico continuing to focus on tools to manage the entire digital experience."

- Scott Wintheiser, Partner

Kentico Xperience 13 Refresh 6 Overview

Key comments and takeaways from our pros:

  • The Kentico team is really focused on ensuring long-term support for Xperience 13 customers. Their goal is to support this version until 2026.
  • Their new Google Search Console integration allows marketers to identify and fix problematic URLs (blocked, unauthorized, 404 errors) directly within the admin dashboard. It lets marketers have more control over their search index, viewing, crawling, and reviewing rich snippets and results faster and more efficiently — without having multiple web tools open.
  • Xperience has invested in dynamic data synchronization for Microsoft Dynamics 365. They made it easier to configure and exchange contacts and activities through contact mapping and using native scoring and marketing automation tools.
  • Similar to creating email marketing campaigns, score or activity-based contact information can use different parameters to qualify if and when data should be transferred between systems. You can then use Power Automate or MS Teams notifications to alert sales or support teams.
  • Kentico has partnered with SendGrid to simplify email delivery and API services. It's faster than the traditional SMTP connection and offers alternative https protocols. It helps vet the quality of your email lists, monitors bounces, and offers a clearer view of email deliveries.

 “Like any other automation system it takes a little bit of foresight and consideration to set up these processes, but ultimately it will save many team members time disseminating, pairing, or qualifying information between marketing and sales.” 

- Staci Tischer, Agency Marketing Manager


Other updates include:

Kentico has made minor enhancements across their entire CMS to help with user experience. They made it simpler to add a user to a particular role, updated the Field Editor width on Page Types, and enhanced the Page Wizard. They also made it easier to view through your Image Library.


Whether you are looking to develop a fully customized website from scratch, or looking to re-design, streamline, or evolve your current Kentico website, our pros can help you get the most out of your time and investment. Learn more or drop us a line to get a free consultation today. 

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