Three Things We Love About The Kentico-Salesforce Integration

With more than 150,000 customers, Salesforce is one of the most popular and trusted CRM platforms in the world.

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Luckily for Kentico users, the Kentico Online Marketing Solution offers a seamless, out-of-the-box integration with Salesforce.


The integration between Kentico and Salesforce helps reduce the disconnect between marketing and sales teams that we see in many organizations. The integration automates the process of moving leads to the sales team, eliminating time-consuming and error-prone manual processes.

Here are three things we love about the Kentico-Salesforce integration.

1. Crystal-clear contact management

The integration between Kentico and Salesforce promotes a collaborative effort between sales and marketing and can really help transform your prospects into customers. 

The integration leverages the lead management and scoring capability available through Kentico’s content-management platform and allows organizations to replicate them in Salesforce. The connector supports filtering by score, so only highly qualified leads are presented to the sales team. This approach allows the team to prioritize the important leads and makes for a crystal-clear contact-management system. 

2. Better lead visibility

The integration between Salesforce and Kentico is virtually seamless. It gives your sales team better insight into lead processing and allows them to manage leads directly inside the CRM interface.

With a better list of qualified leads that can be managed in one place, your sales team can increase its productivity without making changes to its current sales processes. 

3. Integrated customer-relationship management

With the Kentico-Salesforce integration, you can automatically import your website contacts into the Salesforce CRM. This allows your sales and marketing teams to be better aligned, resulting in a deeper understanding of lead acquisition and processing.

Through leveraging the sales and marketing data in both powerful platforms, users are able to create a more effective connection with a website audience and, hopefully, increase productivity and ROI.

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