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5 uncomfortable A/B testing questions to ask when starting a testing program

A/B testing is a powerful part of your digital strategy. But only if you are ready to push aside assumptions to make room for greater customer experiences.

Doubling down on data and other top takeaways from B2B online

B2B Online was a great opportunity for our team to stay up-to-date on the B2B sector, watch one of our partners host a session, and bring back some general nuggets.

Simple-looking web design is easy, and five other misconceptions that somehow still exist

It's easy to get caught up in the rhetoric around web design. Let's demystify these six misconceptions.
A woman intrigued by the use of AI in copywriting

The legitimate usability of AI writing tools (Our thoughts for now)

"Not another AI article!" [We know] Without adding to the deafening screams of the Internet, we are being asked what our opinion is on AI-written content. So here goes.

Marketing during a recession: The best digital defense is a cost-effective offense

Although many consumers are price sensitive and some businesses are pulling back on expenditures, your brand must make smart investments to retain its position in the market.

[Case Study] How to modernize your business by evolving its brand identity

Evolving your brand can make a big impact on your market reach. This is especially true if you are also investing in other digital projects to increase sales.

The cold, hard business end of digital transformation: Tips to help scale your business

When we say “digital transformation,” do your eyes roll...or light up? This is one buzzword that shouldn’t be ignored. Here's what digital transformation can mean for you.
A couple planning a vacation on a tourism website.

4 website features that can make or break a DMOs conversion rates

For destination marketing organizations, a website needs to inspire and connect travelers with a community. Here are the top 4 technical features that drive travel-centric conversions.
A person in a manufacturing warehouse welding a large metal product.

The 5 key components every modern manufacturing website must have

In the last few years, successful manufacturers have launched D2C brands, invested in customer applications, and rethought how they showcase products. Here's how.
A table of entrées at a fancy restaurant.

5 essential ingredients for your multi-location restaurant website

“Where should we go for dinner?” The deciding factor may vary on any given day. What doesn’t vary, however, is how a great website experience can influence your decision.
A web developer writing code on their laptop

Improve your website's user experience with Microsoft Clarity & FullStory

Clarity and FullStory allow you to see how users interact with (and potentially struggle with) your website. Here are a few of our favorite ways to use those insights to improve the user experience.
Banner image for Accessibility page featuring a "Welcome We Are Open" sign.

Not your boss’s office: 8 spots to work remotely in Milwaukee

We're big fans of taking things off-campus and working remote a few hours a week. Here are eight spots in the Milwaukee area that are ideal for setting up shop and getting down to business.
Kate Kallenberger - Digital Experiences

[Checklist] Navigating the fine line between a website refresh and a website redesign

It’s easy to get lost in the weeds when considering a website refresh or redesign. The following checklist showcases the complexities of a typical project and development tasks.
Lightburn 404 error page graphic.

8 clever 404 error pages we love

404 error pages are a great opportunity to show off a website’s personality while also offering help to potentially confused or lost users. Here are a few 404 pages we love.

[Case Study] Reimagining a manufacturing sales process for a D2C market

Many companies face the same challenges when transitioning their sales process to a D2C market. With a new market, comes new strategies to deliver custom products.
Old website design for Milwaukee Film.

[Case Study] How to manage the hierarchy of your website's homepage

It is easy to find yourself stuck in the weeds when designing your website's homepage. More often than not, stakeholders will fight over its real estate and hierarchy.
Web developer looking at code on a laptop

7 small updates that will make a big impact on your website’s accessibility

There are a number of “small wins” that will cover the vast majority of accessibility best practices without blowing your budget.
Corey Megown - Digital Experiences
screenshot of Bilberry West branding design

A branding case study for a new D2C ecommerce company

Branding is a vital part of your digital strategy. The following case study highlights the branding process for Bilberry West, our new direct-to-consumer ecommerce business.
Staci Tischer - Digital Experiences

Become a hiring hero by optimizing your website to attract top talent

In today's market, the recruitment process begins online. Organizations need to bare their proverbial soul and communicate through exceptional cultural branding.
Staci Tischer - Digital Experiences
Banner image for Accessibility page featuring a "Welcome We Are Open" sign.

Your inaccessible website may be costing you money

Web accessibility is a web-development issue, legal issue, and social-justice issue—it's a financial one. If you make money from your website or hope to, you will want to invest in accessibility.
Corey Megown - Digital Experiences
Person using laptop at a desk.

Top web accessibility myths: Busted by our resident WCAG expert

Web accessibility is getting a lot of buzz, but most people don't have a clear idea of what it means to their business. To help sort fact from fiction, we've debunked four of the most common misconceptions about web accessibility.
Corey Megown - Digital Experiences
Coffee mug that reads "Begin." on a desk.

What you need to know before you begin your next digital project

When embarking on a new digital project, it may seem like there are a thousand things to worry about. Here are our top tips for a ​smooth, collaborative, pleasant, and ultimately successful digital project.
Stacy Hannemann - Digital Experiences
People using sticky notes to create a flow chart for market research and user design.

5 web design trends that evolved how we use the internet

Some design trends are flashes-in-the-pan, others fundamentally change the way we understand how users think about and interact with the internet. Come discover five new trends that are here to stay.
Betsy Cook - Digital Experiences
Banner image for Accessibility page featuring a "Welcome We Are Open" sign.

Accessible for all: An introduction to web accessibility

In this blog we've demystify the jargon, legalese, and technical complexities surrounding web accessibility.
Nora Lahl - Digital Experiences
UX designer using a white board to sketch out wire frame designs

How understanding user experience (UI) leads to better design

By partnering UX and visual design at the earliest stages, you can create a website that is both visually appealing and allows users to easily accomplish their goals.
Lightburn team members meeting in a coffee shop discussing digital planning for clients.

Recruiting for user research: There's got to be a better way!

Finding users for interviews or usability tests doesn't have to be an overwhelming task. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you embark on the recruiting process.
photographer checking his camera at twilight in the middle of a photography shoot

Why your website needs professional photography

Being bland or unmemorable—among other design faux pas—is one of the worst crimes a company trying to establish its brand can commit. Here's why you need professional photos for your website.
Lo-fi UX wire frame sketches.

Wireframes are more than just a website's blueprint: They're a vital part of UX design

Given that wireframes are such a prominent part of the UX process, it’s important to talk about their role in the larger design process. Let's learn more.
A person speeding by on a motorbike.

Is website page speed all it's cracked up to be?

Make no mistake, page and site speed is critical to a site's success from both search engine and user perspectives. However, is it the gold standard by which the performance of a site should be measured? Well, not exactly...