Digital marketing tactics can make a real impact

There's too much to do and never enough time to do it. That's true for business owners, marketing leaders, and unsurprisingly, customers.

Staying up to date with the latest trends and technologies can be overwhelming. Lightburn can help you evolve your strategies and connect with your market at a deeper level by crafting a scalable digital marketing ecosystem.


Organic SEO

By starting with a thorough understanding of your target audience, we'll help you create a SEO strategy that improves your SERP rank and brand visibility.

Paid Advertising

PPC ads can make an instant impact on your bottom line. We leverage the latest and greatest remarketing tactics to engage customers with customized search, display, video, and shopping ads.

Email & SMS

Email and text marketing is a win-win-win for your business. We'll help you build a community that's more likely to open, click, and purchase — turning shoppers into long-term fans.

Web Analytics

Our customized reporting blends qualitative and quantitative analysis, giving you the actionable insights you need for an end-to-end understanding of your digital ecosystem.

Gain a competitive edge by adding SMS to your marketing strategy

SMS marketing is a powerful tool. It diversifies acquisition by building a community focused on customer experience and user value.

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Graphic representation of how digital marketing begins during the web design process.

Digital marketing begins during the web development process, not after

[Checklist] The difference between a basic website and one that generates leads is how the website is built — with digital marketing tactics in mind.

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[Case Study] How a DMO increased email marketing impact in less than three months

Email marketing. It's the best and the worst. Refreshing how you manage, produce, and distribute emails can feel like a chore. Here are 5 ways you can streamline production and increase engagement.

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