An illustrated depiction of a mobile app's secure login and welcome screen with credit card.

Business app design and development

Collect and share critical information directly between your business and end users to accelerate growth. Lightburn designs, builds, optimizes and personalizes the experience through data unlocked in those exchanges.

Whether you're creating a service-oriented mobile app for your customers, a business tool for your workforce or a gated web portal for your partners, you'll need a fast, secure, easy-to-use application that delivers value. For your users and your bottom line.

From desktop to Android and iOS, and everywhere in between. 

Development Services

App development is fluid. Content must be faster and more agile than ever. Our mobile apps are user-conscious and drive engagement.

Mobile apps help clients and team members:

  • View Menus
  • Order Products
  • Manage Appointments
  • Serve Customers
  • Support Field Techs
  • Track Materials

Featured work

Trico Corporation

How well-designed CX can reduce website and app friction

Trico Corporation revamped their website and applications to highlight their MVP products, paving the way for advanced marketing practices.

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Confidential Financial Client

Reimagining the UX for the modern investment advisor

Working directly with their investment technology team, we created a new infrastructure for a number of enterprise applications that were crumbling.

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FIS Financial

Modernizing a vital financial application for those in need

FIS needed to modernize their app for their users, team, and contracted partners. It had be accessible, seamless, and flexible for everyone.

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ITU AbsorbTech

Building a mobile app that increases service productivity

ITU AbsorbTech wanted to leverage advancing technology to create an app that will simplify processes and increase productivity among their drivers.

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