Improve Your Lead Form Conversion Rates With Click Maps

Digital Marketing
Illustration of how to improve your lead form conversion rates with click maps.

Click maps and click tracking allow you to track users' activities on your website and see which images, buttons, text, or page elements they're clicking on, as well as determine which areas of your website are being ignored. Click tracking is a great tool to improve your user experience (UX) and marketing to increase conversions.

Now you may be asking, “isn’t a click map the same thing as a heat map?”

Well, not exactly. But they do work well together.

What’s the difference?

Heat maps resemble a doppler radar map, and show “splotches” that  showcase where a users mouse tends to spend the most time on a page. But what heat maps don’t show you is what a user is actually doing.

Click maps are an evolved version of heat maps. User click maps show you precisely how people engage with each element on any given page. For example, tracking button clicks.

Click Maps: A Quick Case Study

Click maps have an advantage over heat maps. Click maps track user clicks and let you see how users are interacting with specific elements, not just how the form and landing page are performing in general. (That’s what analytics conversion tracking is for.) As we’ve found time and time again, the less information you ask for on a landing page, the higher your conversion rate is going to be.


With these two points in mind, we set off to increase lead-form conversions on one of our client’s “Get A Free Estimate” landing page and form.


Using a click map software/platform, we were able to determine:

  • Which elements users were clicking on first
  • Which elements they were skipping
  • Exactly where we were losing them in the form-fill process

This insight helped guide our recommendations on which fields and requests for information could be removed and which could be optimized.


Click maps provide a new dimension of data that allows you to monitor user engagement and behavior in a whole new way.


You’re no longer limited by generalized, inaccurate heat maps. Instead, click maps show you precisely how users are interacting with and leaving your site across devices, browsers, and content types. Use the data from click tracking to make your digital experience better.


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