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The Challenge

Give an outdated, mobile-unfriendly website a modern refresh—and load it up with merchant features.

We've had a lengthy and satisfying relationship with Pak-Rite for nearly 10 years. When the time came to update—Pak-Rite's ecommerce arm that sources and sells famously indestructible Pelican cases and accessories—we were raring to go.

The two big measures of success for this site were improved organic traffic and conversion rates, so we kept these metrics in mind as we designed the new site and built out its complex network of features that would engage users. But we also needed to create a wildly robust back-end for Pak-Rite's marketing, sales, and warehouse professionals to efficiently manage its inventory and order fulfillment processes.

The Solution

We really took this one beyond the cart. Using the Kentico CMS, we carefully crafted the user/customer experience and a slick new visual design that helps keep users exploring the site. On the back-end, we built a custom fulfillment and inventory system that accounts for multiple types of fulfillment methods. The system also handles numerous processes that require complex business logic, such as split orders, partially shipped orders, backordered items, purchase orders, and inventory conversion for when the finished case isn't in stock but the warehouse has the parts to build it. The site also has a number of third-party integrations for credit card security, fraud detection, taxes, and reporting.

The star of the show? A custom case builder that allows customers to select their preferred case color, foam-insert style and configuration, and accessories. The case builder has a number of subtle conversion-driving features, including real-time price updates, instant color previews, and easily accessible, anxiety-reducing "how to" guides for the foam inserts. The how-to guides are keyword-optimized to help with SEO efforts, as are several other strategic landing pages.

The Outcome

We're proud of everything we produce, but, wow, it's hard not to get a little giddy looking at's post-launch year-over-year numbers. From average order values skyrocketing to monthly revenues setting company records to lead quality and conversion rates continually increasing, we feel confident we've set up Pak-Rite to succeed in the highly competitive world of selling Pelican cases and the ecommerce world at large.

In addition to a beautiful website that works and works well, we continue to manage the company's PPC campaigns and other digital marketing efforts.

36% increase in revenue
13% increase in conversion rates
4% increase in average order value

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