Untangling an online store that was struggling to stay afloat






Ongoing since 2021



Loved by many professional Anglers, Seaguar has a dedicated audience who often turn to their ecommerce store to purchase fishing products. While the website's design was working, their online store was experiencing a sea of technical glitches. When their crew came to us, they were frustrated that their current developer could not troubleshoot the ecommerce store in a timely manner. Even worse, there was no existing documentation on how the store was set up. Errors were so prevalent that they decided their best course of action was to turn the store off entirely! That was it. They cut ties with their old partner and started looking for a team that could swiftly migrate their entire website to a new host, debugging and recoding pages during the transition.


Reel in all of the technical errors

Fix code mistakes and relaunch the online store as fast as possible.

Properly hook up all integrations

Make sure all third party systems are properly processing data.

Get the Magento CMS setup properly

Get access to and train to update and maintain the Magento system.


  1. 01.

    Transfer hosting permissions

    To properly view, audit, edit, and re-write back-end code, the site had to be transitioned to a new hosting environment. Our hosting partners also provided a new DNS and security certificates in order to add an additional layer of reliability.
  2. 02.

    Re-developed broken code

    Our web developers cleared their schedules in order to identify and rewrite old PHP, CSS, and HTML. Each page was vigorously audited, edited, and tested to ensure speed and efficiency for online shoppers.
  3. 03.

    Update and manage integrations

    After untangling the website, our team worked with Seaguar's operations team to transfer licensing. We then worked with their credit card processor, ERP Microsoft NAV, and a new tax service to make sure all data was connecting seamlessly between platforms.
  4. 04.

    Create supporting documentation

    During each phase of the transition, from website, to store front, to cart, all processes were documented for the Seaguar team. Training materials gave them direction on how to use the Magento system so they could maintain certain areas of their website in-house.


  • Maintenance & Support
  • Ecommerce

We're a "Keeper"

Now that the site is functioning properly, their team is able to maintain their e-commerce platform in-house.

Web Development

Stakeholders are looking to set a new course for the website's design next year.
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