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Ski Team is a super rad video content agency that produces and manages video shoots all over the globe. Its owners leverage years of TV, commercial, and documentary experience to help brands create leaner, meaner, and more affordable videos. Over the last year, we've worked with its team in phases. First, creating a brand identity, then developing a marketing-centric website, leveraging our custom-built WordPress design system.


Level up! Expand the website

Create a robust website to showcase the brand and level of experience

Create a flexible project portfolio

Serve as marketing centerpiece that is easy to digest (and manage)

Help spread the good word

Increase market position and lead generation opportunities


  1. 01.

    Launched an authentic, retro-inspired brand

    Since its formation, Ski Team got 'reel' busy 'reel' fast. They needed an identity and a splash page quickly. Working with owners, our design team whipped up brand guidelines that truly represents this fun-loving and hard-working duo.
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    Expanded the splash page into a dynamic website

    It was time. Using our own WordPress theme, we created a fun, nostalgic website that showcases Ski Team's depth of industry experience. Users can "get the 411" by browsing the agency's client list, carouseling through common video challenges, exploring case studies, viewing services, and learning about the team's decades-long production experience.
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    Crafted a dynamic portfolio with filtering system

    By focusing on both form and function, the portfolio page can showcase all of their work without overwhelming the user. It allows flexibility to have both long-form and short-form projects. To make it even easier, we included a filtering system to display projects by type and by budget.
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    Helped build a scalable content and SEO strategy

    The owners took lead of content development, but worked 1:1 with our strategists to enhance messaging and SEO efforts. These tactics were vital to support ongoing lead generation and brand awareness goals.


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Ski Team can now use their website in campaigns and promotional activities.


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