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The Challenge

Make the experience of buying flaky, doughy, gooey, delightful pastries both intuitive and captivating by improving the user experience of

The old site was underachieving, conversion rates were low, and online shoppers were growing increasingly frustrated with the purchasing experience. The site's navigation was disordered and confusing, and the checkout process was daunting.

We had one additional challenge to face: 80 percent of Racine Danish Kringles's sales occur in a 2–3 month window, coinciding with the holiday season. The new site not only had to resolve user complaints, it had to be scalable.

The Solution

Our first step was to get to know the consumer: who are they, what they're looking for, and where they've struggled in the past.

Using this research, we designed an entirely new digital commerce experience that provides effortless navigation, detailed product information, improved photography, and branding. We also simplified the shopping cart and checkout workflow to allow users to build and place complex orders with ease. Additionally, our ecommerce team architected a solution that addressed customer service issues, fulfillment challenges, scalability concerns, and created a seamless integration with the company's legacy back-office ERP and fulfillment systems.

The Outcome

We’re proud to say we crafted an ecommerce site that provides a superb user experience and an array of custom-developed shipping options, but the site’s much-improved performance and our client's increased order volume are even more exciting results.

28% Increase in Page Views
28% Increase in Site Traffic
9% Increase in Revenue
8% Increase in Average Order Value

“Lightburn guided us through an extraordinary process and played a crucial role in developing not only our website, but our brand.”

Marie Heyer
Director of Marketing
Racine Danish Kringles

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