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Racine Danish Kringles is a second-generation family business that bakes the buttery, flaky Danish pastry that first came to Wisconsin’s shores more than 200 years ago. Though this Food Network favorite’s roots are regional, the reach of their baked-by-hand delicacy extends nationwide. Especially during the holiday season.


Improve the user experience

Shoppers were increasingly frustrated with a dated online purchasing experience, and we had to make it easy.

Increase conversion rates

Online sales were lower than they should have been, especially considering how frickin’ delicious these pastries are.

Introduce some serious scalability

80 percent of their sales occur within two months —the new site had to be able to handle the traffic.
Web design on tablet for Racine Danish Kringles.
Web design on mobile for Racine Danish Kringles.


  1. 01.

    Designed an entirely new (and very improved) digital commerce experience

    Including effortless navigation, detailed product information, stronger photography, and search engine optimization, as well as a seamless integration with the company’s legacy ERP and fulfillment systems.
  2. 02.

    Created a custom cart and checkout experience

    A standard ecommerce experience wasn’t going to work considering their unique business needs, so we created a customized solution from scratch, allowing customers to build and place complex orders, pick their arrival date, and ship to multiple addresses in one order.
  3. 03.

    Migrated the whole operation to Azure

    This custom-coded solution not only addressed customer service and fulfillment challenges but also allowed them to easily switch their site into a version more equipped to handle the record-increases in traffic and conversions during the holidays.


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Fresh from the oven results are seen each year, with the greatest impact being around the holidays.


Increase in pageviews
Average ecommerce rate
Increase in Order Value

A sweet partnership...

For over seven years we have been working directly with stakeholders to support digital sales goals.

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