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The Challenge

Reshape a leading IT-consulting organization’s digital landscape.

Concurrency’s website was outdated, clunky, and in need of major usability and design updates, and the company knew its existing technology platform needed to evolve to better drive marketing and communication efforts. We were charged with remodeling and expanding Concurrency’s digital headquarters so it would entice and excite prospective clients.

The Solution

With a focus on content marketing, we crafted Concurrency’s new website using Kentico EMS—a powerful content management system that’s built around a robust marketing automation and a personalization engine. The site features a clean, responsive design and clear calls-to-action that have helped increase engagement and generate leads. Plus, the user-friendly CMS allows the Concurrency team to create landing pages, blog posts, and event announcements to provide industry insights to prospective clients easily and efficiently.

The Outcome

We built Concurrency a B2B website that has improved content management, increased engagement, and helped attract new leads. Concurrency also saw some impressive quantitative results.

27% increase in site traffic
25% increase in organic traffic
75% increase in lead form submissions

"We're getting rave reviews on the landing page you built us. You guys went above and beyond!"

Jake Borzym
Online Marketing Manager

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