pancakes with a large pat of butterwith syrup pouring over them

American Butter Institute

Cooking up a rich user experience by going bold with butter


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12 Weeks



The American Butter Institute (ABI) is helping change the way Americans think about butter. ABI is an association for manufacturers, processors and distributors of butter and butter products. With today's health-conscious market, it's important for ABI to share recipes and tips showcasing why butter is better — all natural and made with simple ingredients.


Bring a bold design to life

Work with the company's art director to create an interactive visual experience.

Showcase product recipes

Create a stunning and compelling way to showcase why butter is better.

Encourage user participation

Increase viewership and encourage consumers to purchase butter.
Web design on tablet for Go Bold.
Web design on mobile for Go Bold.


  1. 01.

    Focus on user experience, power by Kentico

    Our team brought the campaign to life with an easy-to-navigate website that facilitates content development — sharing distributor stories, sustainability practices and other exclusives, using Kentico.
  2. 02.

    Cook up stunning Instagram-worthy visuals

    Our designers created visually impactful videos and images that rendered well on Pinterest and other social channels to generate interest, drive traffic and support product sales.
  3. 03.

    Deliver hard-working schemas

    Our Digital Marketing team built recipe-centric schemas that drove organic search traffic and added a Mailchimp integration to encourage community participation through newsletter subscriptions.


  • Digital Marketing
  • Maintenance & Support


This standalone digital marketing campaign site focused on product sales through the distribution of delicious and Instagram-ready recipes.

Sautéed in Awesome...

ABI and the Lightburn team were a great pair. Since launching this campaign, we've continued to make changes and updates to the campaign's website, becoming long-term hosting and maintenance partners.

Maintenance and Support

For edits, updates and additions that exceed their internal capabilities, we jump in and make sure the digital experience remains current and without interruption.
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