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The Challenge

Provide a local brewery with a rich history and a pioneering spirit with a fresh take on its digital presence.

When Lakefront Brewery came to us, we were already huge fans of its branding and even huger fans of its tasty, tasty brews. So, over a few Fixed Gears and Riverwest Steins, we chatted with the Lakefront team to learn about its digital needs, which included a new approach to representing the brand online, an easy-to-manage ecommerce solution for selling merch, a fully responsive design, and a reliable solution for selling tickets to its famous brewery tours.

The brewery already had so many things already going for it, from its pioneer status in Wisconsin's craft beer culture to its fresh and innovative brews to its jealousy-inducing page-one search engine ranking. An additional challenge—and responsibility—on this project was retaining this impressive brand equity and building a website that could grow and evolve as the company did.

The Solution

After months of research, design, and development, the result was a sleek, mobile-friendly website (plus a New Grist landing page) that captures the bold spirit of Lakefront Brewery. Further, a third-party integration allows the Lakefront team to sell hundreds of tickets every day and manage tour logistics in one convenient spot.

We also future-proofed the site by ensuring we and Lakefront's web managers could create new landing pages and features as the company expanded its offerings, such as the Beer Hall page that was created when the company added food service to its taproom or the Ask the Brewer page that's equipped with a simple taxonomy for generating beer/food pairings.

The Outcome

We were honored to help a beloved local company grow its business and truly expand its digital presence, especially when we counted ourselves among its many admirers. The good news is, we think we did a bang-up job maintaining yet refreshing Lakefront Brewery's digital brand. The company can now post information about its lineup of beers for both consumers and vendors, build out new pages and features as needed, and use the site as a hub for its digital marketing efforts.

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