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Long before the Bucks were NBA champions and years before the Fiserv Forum was constructed, the historic brewery district was simply the location of the old Pabst Blue Ribbon Brewery. The Brewhouse Inn took over this historic landmark and converted the space into a series of unique suites for Milwaukee travelers, leading to the revitalization of the area. After years of relative success, stakeholders at The Brewhouse Inn wanted to refresh their original website, reach more vacationers during the consideration stage of the planning cycle, and encourage longer bookings. With stunning photography and a historical past, our job became fun and easy. Everyone loves a good story and everyone loves to travel. All we had to do was bring their story to life — and reach those looking to visit Milwaukee. 


Showcase this one-of-a-kind luxury hotel

Craft a site that matches their historic brand personality and travel offerings.

Help travelers discover the Brewhouse

Improve web visibility. Excite travelers. Make them dream of Old Milwaukee.

Increase weekday and package bookings

Drive conversions. Share local resources and encourage extended travel.


  1. 01.

    Refreshed the digital experience

    By leveraging existing art direction and photography, our team redesigned the entire website. We improved flow and user experience by changing the overall site navigation. Each suite at The Brewhouse Inn is different that feeling had to be showcased throughout the site.
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    Improved rankings and page visibility

    First and foremost, the site was built using technical and on-page search engine optimization tactics. We evolved the content, messaging, and tone to help visitors discover the hotel. Clear calls-to-action were added to move users through the site towards their booking system.
  3. 03.

    Highlighted special offers

    To encourage long-term and weekday travel, we helped showcase hotel packages. Packages include early bird specials, local incentives, and military discounts. Additional packages were inspired by their "history in hops," which feature local tours and drink specials. Each package type is integrated into its CMS and booking system.
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    Highlighted local resources

    In the hospitality industry, nothing sways potential travelers more than local resources. We want to help visitors plan their vacation by offering pages that focus on nearby activities, entertainment, and dining (and now onsite dining). These listings also drive additional traffic from those looking for things to do in Milwaukee.


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