Edelweiss Cruises & Boat Tours

Setting sail towards increased sales with a modernized brand identity


Ecommerce, Travel & Tourism




Ongoing since 2017




Edelweiss Cruises is a Milwaukee River staple and a long term Lightburn client. While loyalists continued to reserve tickets year after year, in-house efforts to increase sales were a bit adrift. To reach broader audiences and increase event bookings, they embarked on a rebranding excursion and rebuild their website with a focus on simplified ecommerce. The challenge was to rebuild their brand between the end of the boating season and Black Friday so they could promote gift card sales during the holidays. Full steam ahead!


Appeal to new audiences

Modernize and evolve the brand to reach 'future cruisers'

Simplify asset management

Make sure the new website is easy to manage and easy to use

Rebuild the ticketing system

Gift card sales and ticketing systems were priority one


  1. 01.

    Created new brand guidelines

    We worked with stakeholders to audit their existing materials and evolve brand guidelines to deliver a more modern and sophisticated logo supported by updated colors and typography.
  2. 02.

    Helped create new multimedia materials

    The redesign helped define the art direction for our production partner to help create a hero video and proprietary photography across different audiences and demographics.
  3. 03.

    Reskinned a Shopify theme

    With a focus on sales, we opted to leverage an existing theme in Shopify. We redesigned it to match the new brand and setup ecommerce and ticketing apps for easier in-house management.
  4. 04.

    Rebuilt the ecommerce and ticketing systems

    Once the Shopify site was built, our team analyzed different types of available applications. Once chosen, we imported data, tested the new ecommerce systems, and quality-controlled ticketing processes.


  • Digital Experiences


“The Lightburn team were rockstars. They knocked the new site out of the park, or in our case — water. Everything looks fantastic!”


Increase in gift card pageviews
Increase in unique pageviews
* two week evaluation post-launch

'Seas' the day!

Edelweiss has been a digital partner for many years, but this latest redesign will give their online customers the experience they deserve.

Maintenance and support

We will continue working with stakeholders to ensure their website and supporting technologies are 'rigged' properly at all times.
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