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The Challenge

Position RapidForce as a breakthrough in pain-relief technology.

RapidForce came to us in need of a new digital marketing plan and customer-acquisition strategy for selling its pain-relieving muscle-support shapes. RapidForce shapes have years of scientific research and product development behind them, and the company wanted that to come across on its website. Plus, the product was relatively new to the market. Tasked with attracting visitors and selling the innovative product, we got to work crafting the company’s digital experience.

The Solution

With an ecommerce platform powered by Shopify and a holistic digital marketing strategy, we helped RapidForce make its marketing goals a reality.

Lightburn helped reposition the brand’s messaging, crafted a thoughtful content strategy, and developed a vibrant, responsive website that provides a strong user experience across all devices. To help drive traffic to the site and create conversions, we launched a digital marketing plan that included a Google Shopping campaign with a custom product feed, targeted pay-per-click campaigns, and paid social campaigns on both Facebook and Instagram that targeted the everyday athlete.

The Outcome

The result is a vivid, athlete-focused campaign that effectively positions RapidForce as a leader in pain-relief technology. Since launching the upgraded ecommerce platform, RapidForce has seen increases in organic traffic, repeat visits, and sales.
100% revenue increase from paid search
200% increase in conversion rates

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