runner tying his neon shoe with a Rapidforce shape on his knee


Crafting an energetic digital brand for the latest in pain-relief technology






24 Weeks



RapidForce Shapes are a globally unique product designed to fill the gap between kinesiology tape and athletic tape, giving athletes the perfect balance of flexibility and strength. The product was relatively new to the ecommerce market and stakeholders were looking to make an impact quickly.


Showcase the scientific research

Position RapidForce as a breakthrough in pain-relief technology.

Appeal to different types of athletes

Highlight its simple and easy to apply design for pain relief.

Promote product sales online

Attracting visitors and sell this innovative new product online.
Web design on tablet for RapidForce.
Web design on mobile for RapidForce.


  1. 01.

    An educational content strategy

    Lightburn helped reposition the brand’s messaging by crafting a thoughtful content plan focused on scientific study. UX and product detail help address different pain-points or medical conditions. Supporting content includes application instructions and best practices, by problem area.
  2. 02.

    Supported by Shopify

    With an ecommerce platform powered by Shopify, we helped RapidForce make its marketing goals a reality. To simplify online sales, we developed a vibrant, responsive website with a focus on ecommerce using Shopify. The shopping process can be initiated throughout the website as information is provided to the user.
  3. 03.

    Holistic digital marketing strategy

    To help drive traffic to the site and create conversions, we launched a digital marketing plan that included a Google Shopping campaign with a custom product feed, targeted pay-per-click campaigns, and paid social campaigns on both Facebook and Instagram that targeted the everyday athlete.


  • Digital Experiences
  • Digital Marketing


Support for this product increased rapidly, with immediate product sales and a 3-to-1 return.


Increase in paid search
Increase in conversion rates
Sales to spend ratio

Outpacing the competition...

Working with their in-house team, Lightburn was able to create web and digital marketing solutions that could be managed by their in-house team.

Ad Hoc Digital Marketing

Working directly with their team, we ensured that we could create digital marketing solutions that were scalable and house, and supported by our digital marketing specialist when needed for both search and pay-per-click advertising.
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