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NXT Power, LLC

Promoting "powerful" manufacturing products on a customer-centric website






Ongoing Since 2020



NXT Power is a new manufacturer of advanced power quality solutions. With a start-up mentality, NXT Power was determined to create an all purpose website that introduced who they were, showcase their products, and encouraged retail sales—during a pandemic. Because of the intricate nature of the manufacturing process and the on-going pandemic, securing imagery and assets proved an additional challenge.


Refine the NXT Power brand

Showcase the brand experience, value, and modern solutions to an online audience.

Create a go-to market strategy

Build a highly visible website, strategize ways to reach new audiences, and create a strategic marketing plan.

Generate online leads

Build and manage a lead generation strategy to support company visibility and online sales.
Web design on tablet for NXT Power, LLC.
Web design on mobile for NXT Power, LLC.


  1. 01.

    Design that powers interest

    Our content and design team helped define the NXT Power visual brand and voice in order to establish a digital presence that hadn't existed before.
  2. 02.

    Strategic (and agile) plan-of-action

    Virtual meetings—check. Socially-distanced photoshoots—check. A carefully executed strategy helped us launch on time and on budget.
  3. 03.

    Paid and organic marketing tactics

    After launching the site, we utilized paid and organic digital marketing solutions to saturate the market and increase site visibility from the get-go.


  • Digital Experiences
  • Digital Marketing


Built during quarantine, NXT Power came out of the gate strong, and saw an immediate return on their investment since launch in 2020.


New users from PPC
Entrances from SEO

NXT level results...

With the success of the site and overall go-to-market strategy, we continue to support all digital marketing efforts.

Google Paid Ads

Using the Google platform, we produce and manage numerous targeted search campaigns specific to multiple product categories. In conjunction, we are running display advertising and leveraging site-wide retargeting.
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SEO Services

As a newly formed company, search is critical, so we continually ensure their materials are reaching the correct audiences using technical and consumable search engine optimization tactics.
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Content Management

As a fast-growing new company, NXT Power continues to count on the team at Lightburn to help make swift changes to their site and wrangle assets that support their busy sales team.
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