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Marketing and merchandising for the grandest of Grand Cafés and Taverns


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WordPress & Shopify


24 Weeks


lowlandsgroup.com + 5 Sub-Brands


The Lowlands Group is a European-influenced collection of grand cafés and eateries in Southeast and Southwestern Wisconsin. Their restaurant collection brings a modern twist to the established gezellig (ge-zel-lig) concept that radiates through Europe. Despite having a connected and symbiotic relationship between their stores and brands, their web presence behind and in front of the scenes lacked cohesion. We started by building them a free-standing retail store for their merchandise, allowing them to grow and market their wearables. Then followed up with five unique yet inter-connected brand sites for their corporate and restaurant concepts. Each site fabulously captures the essence of the locations while still maintaining a unified management system for its team.


Increase merch sales online

Uniquely market swag and improve management and fulfillment channels

Showcase the brand essence

Reprioritize the mobile experience and the unique yet connected restaurant styles

Rebuild five sites in a logical way

Streamline the content-management system for future updates


  1. 01.

    Switch from WooCommerce to Shopify

    We rebuilt their sales portal in Shopify with restaurant-specific product categories and a fully customizable marketing suite. This lets their team manage and promote specific products based on their restaurant's locations, campaigns, or sales goals.
  2. 02.

    Redesign and rebuild their corporate site

    Our team helped determine a set of 12+ custom patterns and blocks using Gutenberg. These carefully chosen patterns encompassed a wide variety of content and future-proofed each site to ensure an unending combination of content can be achieved.
  3. 03.

    Built a multi-site structure for each restaurant

    Using repeating styles and structures, we simplified production by designing components that could be inherited from each other. Despite the sites being uniquely designed, they share universal patterns. This increased efficiencies while allowing increased flexibility for custom blocks.
  4. 04.

    Train in-house team to self manage content

    Our team built the shop within WordPress. The content manager can now glide between sites in one admin instance, making multiple updates easy and efficient. Within Shopify, the marketing team can manage product and SKU fields, edit SEO meta-data, and change page details.


  • Digital Experiences
  • Ecommerce


The Lightburn and Lowlands teams continue to launch and evolve site components. So far, the main site and shop have seen;


Increase in sales
Increase in pageviews
Sessions for events
Increase in engagement
First 45 days compared to previous period