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Digitizing the composite process with a custom web app and ecommerce website


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Ongoing since 2018

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Digital Pix & Composites (DPC) is a photography company that sells composite portraits to sororities, fraternities, and other graduate programs. DPC built its original website as a sales tool but relied heavily on a paper trail to manage orders and customization options. While they had been successful in their market, they wanted to digitize the entire process. To accomplish this, we created a fully functional web application that serves as a tool for customer contacts to manage assets. After a composite is ordered, contributing customers can use the main website to pay their session fees and order prints, creating a holistic ecommerce experience for all of their users. 


Digitize the photo management process

Create a central location to manage photo collection tasks, house rosters, and send reminder emails.

Create an ecommerce storefront

Be sure the web app syncs with the primary store so users can pay fees and purchase products in real-time.

Showcase products and service offerings

Host information about photography services across different greek and graduate programs.


  1. 01.

    Helped build a holistic ecommerce strategy

    Working with their sales and design manager, our team helped design their ecommerce strategy across the web application and storefront. The strategy included web development, asset management, and the fulfillment of their primary and individual products.
  2. 02.

    Designed a new storefront with a focus on UX

    We helped the DPC team create new content for their website to best list and manage their products, services, and tools. Since each is highly customizable, the site had to be user-friendly with a simple interface so complex offerings could stand independently.
  3. 03.

    Developed a sophisticated web application

    We created an application with condition logic that helps primary customers manage rosters, organize tasks, create automated reminder emails, customize backgrounds, edit designs, view proofs, and approve composites (think about doing all this on paper!).
  4. 04.

    Built a personalized portrait process

    Say that five times fast. During an onsite photography session, customer can pay for their session directly from the website's main navigation. Then, after the image is locked into the composite, they may enter their camera ID through the main site to order individual products. This process follows a standard checkout process but includes custom data entry fields.


  • Digital Experiences
  • Maintenance & Support
  • Ecommerce


Say cheese! We've seen an increase in online sales and impact year after year with increased growth in 2021.


Increase in pageviews
Increase in page value
Increase in revenue
Increase in online sales

Increasing their online exposure...

DPC's business needs have always and will continue to be multi-faceted and complicated due to the nature of its business, but we will continue to help their team manage resources and reach new customers.

Website Development

We are now working on digitizing the photographer's travel schedules with a Google-driven mileage tracker.
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Content Creation

Our team helps create content for the website so the DPC team can continue to focus on serving its customers.
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User Acceptance Training

After every upgrade, our team manages user acceptance testing across the website and planner tool.
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