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Ovation Communities holds a unique and precious reverence for the elderly. Their commitment to making the variety of life transitions enjoyable, safe, and unintimidating is admirable and inspiring. Though their mission is noble, Ovation's website needed to be updated to communicate their unique continuum of care philosophies. The website additionally needed to be easy to navigate, provide a clear and concise path to information, and include a simple-to-manage back end for administrators. 


Unify community service offerings

Clearly define the continuum of care and showcase facility services

Unveil the new facility

Be ready to share the grand opening of the new memory care property

Improve the site's overall health

Fix the website's structure, optimize plug-ins, and strengthen SEO


  1. 01.

    Streamlined the overall messaging

    Our team completed a comprehensive discovery to better understand the relationship between services and facilities. We mined information about the buildings, brand, message, living options, and amenities to help define the best ways to showcase what Ovation Communities have to offer.
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    Moved from an IA into a true UX

    We considered all of the ways users might look for information to create a content strategy that was easy to understand while still weaving in Ovation's branded community buildings. Working with the technology and PR team, we were able to define audiences by services to rebuild the website and deliver accurate information to the hands of those who needed it.
  3. 03.

    Introduced a 'Where to Begin' experience

    For individuals who needed help figuring out what they needed, we created a 'Where to Begin' experience. This feature highlights Ovations 'Continuum of Care' pledge from independent living through skilled nursing services. We also ensured users could quickly learn more about the Foundation and schedule a tour.
  4. 04.

    Streamlined and optimized WordPress

    The original WordPress site had fallen out of date. Its structure had to be rebuilt, some plug-ins were discarded in favor of permanent custom code, and pages were optimized for search. We made sure everything was done in one swoop.


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The site is now warm, welcoming, and easy to navigate between service offerings.

* this site has just been launched, stay tuned for updates