reindeer ornament being hand-lettered for sale on Callisters Christmas ecommerce site

Callisters Christmas

Designing an ecommerce storefront for a well-known brick and mortar






36 Weeks


Callisters Christmas knows ornaments; they’ve been successfully selling at pop-up retail shops for the past 25 years. But as foot traffic in malls died down, the company decided it was ready for the challenge of selling online to grow its business.


Showcase the client's commitment to customers

Convey the team's 30 years of experience building relationships with their customers.

Profile the unique experiences found in-store

Display nearly 5,000 unique and customizable gifts.

Encourage web visitors and online sales

Help promote and drive sales while encouraging repeat visitors.
We design on tablet for
Web design on mobile for


  1. 01.

    Creating a new ecommerce experience

    The new site features bold imagery, intuitive navigation, and product filters which highlight available gifts, personalized products, and annual offerings.
  2. 02.

    Add Shopify integrations

    We designed and built an ecommerce platform on Shopify that offers thousands of products, custom product photography, a personalization engine, and robust fulfillment processes.
  3. 03.

    Encourage search and social marketing

    Our detailed digital strategy includes re-marketing for Facebook and Twitter, paid social advertising, search engine marketing, and email communications.


  • Digital Experiences
  • Digital Marketing
  • Maintenance & Support
  • Ecommerce


Crushing it even during the non-holiday season, Callisters Christmas continues to have a steady stream of eager consumers each year.


Unique pageviews
New users from PPC
Increase in revenue

The gift that keeps on giving...

Callisters has been a wonderful partner, and really brings on the cheer. As a dedicated partner, we are supporting many of their ongoing efforts.

Ecommerce Support

Callisters creates new offerings every quarter, and their ecommerce processes must be updated to support these new products.
read more about Ecommerce Support

PPC Advertising

Seasonally, we help their team reach new audiences using search and display advertising focused on product sales.
read more about PPC Advertising

Search Engine Optimization

For each new product, comes a new webpage and new need for a search optimization tactics to ensure that their products are being found.
read more about Search Engine Optimization

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