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Migrating a global financial company from Sitecore to Kentico


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Advicent (now known as NaviPlan by InvestCloud) is a collection of financial-planning software for enterprises looking to become more profitable and efficient with comprehensive reporting tools. This financial services and technology company came to us to do exactly what they do for their clients — provide efficiency and reduce costs. Working directly with Advicent's marketing team, we migrated and optimized four global websites on a limited timeline.


Migrate from Sitecore to Kentico

The Sitecore license was set to expire in just a few weeks. Let's move!

Optimize four global websites

Seamlessly manage the US, CA, FR and NL assets.

Integrate with the Marketo system

Ensure all forms and integrations were rebuilt appropriately.


  1. 01.

    Migrating from Sitecore to Kentico

    Sitecore can be challenging. Not only was the license expiring, but Sitecore has a limit on how many users can be logged in at a time. This means we had to constantly communicate with their team to coordinate who is on the site and when—commonly working after hours to ensure accessibility.
  2. 02.

    Providing real-time improvements

    During the migration, we managed all assets, which allowed us to streamline and optimize materials in real-time. Depending on the page, we were able to increase SEO, compress images, reduce page load speed, and help build a better mobile experience.
  3. 03.

    Mapping out new Marketo integrations

    The marketing team wanted to ensure all of its forms and integration stayed intact. This means we had to set up new automations between Kentico and Marketo and provide any needed system training.
  4. 04.

    Welcoming the new owners

    During this project, our client was acquired by InvestCloud. After taking some time to connect with the new stakeholders to share project goals, their new team agreed with our action plan and work moved forward.


  • Digital Experiences
  • Maintenance & Support

The continued evolution...

After the initial migration we continue to help create a stronger user experience, and ensure site security.

UX/UI Design

We're constantly working with Advicent's team to improve the overall user experience of its website.
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Website Development

As needed, our team helps manage integrations, provides assistance with page development, or offers system support.
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Hosting & Security

As a financial company, it is vital to ensure Advicent's hosting and site security is consistently monitored.
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