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Jones Dairy Farm is a 134-year-old, family-owned food company. The Jones marketing team and their branding agency came to us while re-inventing their digital presence, for help consolidating multiple websites. They wanted to showcase an evolved brand and optimize the customer experience for both retail and food service customers. This user-centric approach was also repeated in their paid advertising strategy, which focused on a multi-media recruitment campaign.


Implement evolved branding

Work with the branding agency to create a cohesive customer experience.

Serve up product offerings

Integrate with the product finder and ensure users find what they need.

Make it easy to manage

Empower the in-house team by building a better dashboard to add and edit content.


  1. 01.

    Started with a comprehensive discovery

    During discovery, we outlined new ways to structure content delivery by user type (whether they're a consumer or in food service)
  2. 02.

    Rolled out a dynamic customer experience

    Since we were consolidating two websites into one, we used dynamic content to serve different brand assets, products, images, categories and recipes by user type. The new branding was implemented with special attention to how we used specific style sheets based on unique URLs.
  3. 03.

    Moved from Sitefinity to WordPress

    Our developers then brought it all to life by developing the new website in WordPress, focusing on its structured content strategy and building easy-to-update admin dashboard. In addition, we integrated the site with their third-party tools, specifically Destini, to ensure shoppers could easily find products in their area.
  4. 04.

    Beefing up Jones' recruitment efforts

    Once live, our digital marketing team helped support their recruitment efforts. Using a variety of paid channels, we incorporated some of Jones's fantastic image and video assets to drive job seekers to their careers page.


  • Digital Experiences
  • Digital Marketing
  • Maintenance & Support


New users and sessions skyrocketed right out of the gate.


Engaged sessions
New users
Organic sessions
Job applicants
* total in the first 3 months

Whipping up new opportunities

As we rebuilt the website, Jones Dairy continued adding to their digital wish list for post-launch enhancements.

Website Maintenance

Right off the bat, we enhanced their recipe pages and added advanced filtering.
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Organic SEO

We're constantly working to maintain or increase brand and product visibility.
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Analytics & Reporting

Our digital specialists help track impact and conversions across all channels.
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