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The Challenge

Help a century-old B2B paper company develop a fresh, new B2C sales channel.

Lightburn was tasked with helping a 100-year-old manufacturer of envelopes grow sales and break into the direct-to-consumer market without cannibalizing existing sales channels. The new site not only required a completely new brand, it needed to be seamlessly integrated into the current business operations, including its warehouse logistics, order fulfillment process, and customer service operations.

The Solution

No matter the project or campaign, we believe that research and strategy drive results.

We invested time in researching Fourfold’s product offerings, target keywords, and competitive landscape so we could establish a thoughtful brand and digital transformation strategy. Our team then set out to develop a creative name, logo, personality, and other brand assets that would help differentiate Fourfold in the marketplace. Following the brand transformation, we built a new ecommerce website using the Kentico CMS and implemented a custom responsive design that was fully integrated with the company’s existing ERP system.

The Outcome

The result is a clean, modern website that provides an effective platform for communicating the Fourfold brand identity as well as a unique user experience that’s tailored to how consumers search for and shop for paper products online. The site is loaded with 3,000+ products, and we've run more than 16 digital marketing campaigns to reach Fourfold's customers and potential customers.

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