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Trico Corporation

Helping a manufacturer double-down on digital with enhanced user experiences


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Ongoing since 2020


Gated Client Application


Trico Corporation, a nearly 100-year-old provider of lubrication management solutions, first came to us looking to redesign their flagship web application. We built a great relationship and continue to evolve their digital presence into a more global marketplace. Leadership is technology-focused and forward-thinking, so we have diligently and iteratively supported their team in redesigning the corporate website, optimizing the app, and spearheading additional projects.


Create a robust client app

Simplifiy and seamlessly delivers lab-analyzed data to customers.

Personalize web experiences

Connect with global clients with custom-curated web and marketing content.

Expand into new marketplaces

Grow visitor engagement across channels and promote product sales.


  1. 01.

    Re-organize and re-designed the app experience

    To quickly jumpstart the app, we included Trico's development team to answer real-time questions and obtain third-party APIs. As a flagship service, the app had to simplify the oil sampling lifecycle for its clients, storing data, showcasing statuses, and displaying results. Data had to be integrated from multiple locations and converted into easy-to-understand, download, and print visual data.
  2. 02.

    Complete a comprehensive discovery and design plan

    During the app project, we quickly realized that the corporate website needed some attention. After the app launched, we began conducting a robust discovery that included user research, CMS evaluations, content strategy planning, and personalization design. This created a defined roadmap for the business, journey maps for customers, and a strategic plan to move projects forward.
  3. 03.

    Design a new corporate website with Kentico

    Armed with a plan, we designed and developed a new, internationally-focused corporate website that leverages Kentico's out-of-the-box user segmentation and marketing tools to deliver custom messages to Trico's diverse number of prospects, customers, and community members.
  4. 04.

    Uphold brand messaging across advertising efforts

    To support these initiatives, we have created a robust, ongoing digital marketing plan focusing on organic search engine optimization tactics, content personalization, and paid search advertising. This maintains the technical foundation of the corporate site while increasing reach.


  • Digital Experiences
  • Digital Marketing
  • Maintenance & Support


Trico's investments continue to increase engagement and conversions across the board


Increase in conversions
Increase in new users
New users from PPC
Conversions from organic
* last year compared to previous

Ongoing upgrades

Trico continues to double down on their digital assets, increasing visibility and investing in new product advertising.

Design and development

Working with the Trico team, we continue to help create customized experiences that can be managed and monitored in house.
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Maintenance and support

Our team continues to proactively monitor, maintain, support and optimize their website and customer applications.
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Digital marketing

To support a new product we've helped design a go to market plan, with ongoing SEO and paid advertising initiatives.
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