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Celebrating 25 years of amazing customer experiences

Lightburn is a customer experience agency that empowers organizations to reach their full digital potential through a user-centered approach and deep technical expertise. Since 1998, we've crafted practical yet impactful solutions to our client's most complex digital challenges.

Bray Architects

Building a new digital home for one of the area's most trusted architectural firms

When Bray's marketing team came to us, they were looking to rebuild their digital home and launch an evolved brand.

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Lowlands Group, LLC

Marketing and merchandising for the grandest of Grand Cafés and Taverns

Using WordPress and Shopify, our team helped rebuild six websites, reposition their marketing efforts, and sell swag.

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Douglas Dynamics

Plowing the way for dynamic, long-term, multisite success with WordPress

We helped future-proof three manufacturing websites using WordPress multisite, increasing performance, and helping their team manage assets.

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Confidential Financial Client

Reimagining a website's user experience for the modern investment advisor

Working directly with their investment technology team, we were able to help create a new infrastructure for a number of enterprise applications that were crumbling.

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Case studies by industry

Your digital needs are unique, but it helps to see how other companies have chosen to move their digital presence forward. 

Industry insights

Technology and best practices are constantly evolving. Because of this, our team often shares some of the top news and insights impacting our work to help our community explore new strategies, utilize data, create quality content, and measure ROI. Join our mailing list to get monthly insights a from our wicked smart team of experts.

Transforming your digital footprint: How project constraints fuel creativity

Limited resources are often seen as obstacles when designing impactful digital experiences. However, constraints can actually help and not hinder the creative process.

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Cracking the code: How to pick the right CMS for your website

Vetting a new CMS is often like comparing apples to oranges. But there are ways to make it easier to choose which is best for your team.

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5 uncomfortable A/B testing questions to ask when starting a testing program

A/B testing is a powerful part of your digital strategy. But only if you are ready to push aside assumptions to make room for greater customer experiences.

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Maintain and maximize your website's performance post-launch

It’s important to react to website challenges in real-time, while creating the white space you need to proactively evolve features.

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