ERP & Logistics

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The million dollar question: How are you managing ERP & Logistics?

To date, Lightburn has created and grown three direct-to-consumer ecommerce companies. Lead management for ecommerce is much more robust than the standard website. Integrating customer databases with fulfillment and finance solutions allows you to have a 365° view of your business. We know from experience, and we can help.

Build it right the first time

We can help you build a system that facilitates a two-way relationship with your web stores and backend systems. Our skilled developers and consultants work with several different systems, help you choose the software, and implement your bottom line processes.

ERP & Logistic Services Include:

  • Enterprise planning
  • Platform consulting
  • Software publishing
  • Customized integrations
  • Integration management
  • Customer lifecycle

Client Spotlight

Callisters Christmas

Designing an ecommerce storefront for a well-known brick and mortar

Callisters Christmas knows ornaments; they’ve been successfully selling at pop-up retail shops for the past 30 years. But as foot traffic in malls died down, the company decided it was ready for the challenge of selling online to grow its business.

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