Close-up of Google Ads PPC dashboard screen.

Paid ads can make an instant impact on your brand

From search to social, the keywords, audiences, ad groups, and landing pages used are just as important as the images and messaging within your ad. 

It is a pay to play game. But it doesn’t end there. 

Relevant and reliable paid ad campaigns connect with consumers by offering answers to their most searched queries (pun intended). This is not a one-and-done tactic but an ongoing and iterative part of your digital marketing ecosystem.

PPC for long-term success

We measure twice, cut once, and test everything we possibly can along the way. It's not just about ROI. It's about creating opportunities, one click at a time. 

Paid Advertising Services Include:

  • Keyword strategies
  • Content development
  • Campaign management
  • Retargeting tactics
  • Social media advertising
  • Monthly analytics reporting

Paid advertising clients...


Help a B2B manufacturer get super sticky with a D2C audience

We helped AMD go to market with a hot new brand—Teknitape. The Teknitape website offers a sleek user experience with a stunningly responsive design, custom photography, and a unique product-filtering system.

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The Cawley Co.

Delivering a customized ecommerce experience for a D2C market

The Cawley Co. team was excited to turn their attention to the D2C market by reimagining the customer experience and offering best-in-class customization tools.

read more about The Cawley Co.

NXT Power, LLC

The go-to market strategy that accelerated interest for the NXT generation of power

With a start-up mentality, NXT Power was determined to create an all purpose website that introduced who they were, showcase their products, and encouraged retail sales—during a pandemic.

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