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The Reliable Hosting Service that Does the Work for You

Every website needs a reliable, scalable hosting solution, and Microsoft Azure has become our favorite cloud-based service for making that happen. We create, configure, and manage Azure hosting solutions that account for our clients' unique uptime, performance, and scalability needs. We've even built our own Azure-monitoring platform, Canary, to provide around-the-clock performance and incident management so our clients can rest well at night knowing we've got them covered. So go on...get some sleep.

We're Your Partner for Microsoft Azure Web Hosting

Azure Consulting

Azure is an amazing platform, but it is vast, complex, and ever-evolving. We help our clients figure out how they can best leverage the platform for their specific needs and only pay for what they need, when they need it.

Azure Monitoring

Using Azure's monitoring tools along with our proprietary Azure-monitoring system, we ensure our clients' websites are capturing leads, converting shoppers, and driving results all day, every day.

Azure Account Management

From reviewing and optimizing existing Azure contracts and configurations to helping migrate web hosting to the cloud, we know how to make sure clients get the most out of their investments.

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Featured Hosting Case Study

We Re-Tooled a Tourism Site's Hosting Strategy to Handle Even the Busiest of Busy Seasons.

During peak travel seasons, has no trouble gracefully managing major spikes in web traffic, thanks to an elastic, cloud-based Azure solution we implemented. By including such features as automated deployment, app service warm-up tasks, and application insights, we're leveraging the power of Microsoft Azure to ensure the digital home for this popular Wisconsin destination is a reliable resource for travelers. 

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We’re Your Satellite IT Support Team

Web hosting on any platform requires some serious knowledge of the inner workings of web servers and internet infrastructure. But when you account for the other behind-the-scenes considerations of operating a website—performance optimizations, database administration, DNS and IP management, and the like—you're probably going to need a support system. Good news: our team’s knowledge and know-how can keep your site humming along smoothly and securely.

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