Quickly 'Lift & Shift' your website to a new platform without the extra hoopla


We know how overwhelming it can be to manage platform upgrades. Just because you need a new CMS, or any other technical update, does not mean you need to take the time and resources to redesign your website. Sometime it's just too much.

In order to quickly migrate your site, the 'Lift & Shift' solution addresses your immediate need and long-term goals by focusing on moving your site, then identifying future opportunities.

Quick Lift Process

Initial Audit

We will work with your team to audit your site and create a plan that focuses on immediate business needs.


We will then quickly 'Lift' assets and recode key pages so you can keep business moving.


After, we will take an iterative approach to 'Shift' code, design, and workflows using new features.

Let's chat

Schedule an informal meeting with our team. 

We know it takes considerable forethought to move forward with this kind of project. We want to make sure you have all the information you need to make the best possible decision for your business.

Considering a bit of extra hoopla?

During this process you may discover that you want to take a little bit more time to address other wants and needs. No problem. Extend your 'Lift & Shift' timeline by adding these common up-cycle opportunities:

  • Reorganize assets 
  • Change site navigation
  • Increase mobility
  • Change security settings

Disclosure: The 'Lift & Shift' solution favors a speedy website migration over design and performance. Your site can be moved in a limited timeframe with minor foundational change. Once migrated, your business will fall into a Flexible Growth or Premium maintenance plan where your website can be redeveloped, optimized, or redesigned in stages.