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The Challenge

Build a complete digital platform for America’s favorite custard stand.

Kopp's Frozen Custard, an adored Milwaukee landmark, needed a complete overhaul of its digital presence and had several big needs that included selling its pints of custard online, complex order fulfillment systems and of course the ability to broadcast the answer to one of Milwaukee residents most common asked questions - What's The Flavor of The Day?

Shipping America's favorite custard coast-to-coast is no small feat. Leveraging intelligent shipping logic and specialized packaging we set out to deliver custard to adoring fans from Maine to California and everywhere in between. In addition ecommerce capabilities Kopp's needed a place to inform and engage users who were in search of a cup of custard, a jumbo burger, or an unexpectedly delicious grilled cheese.

The Solution

Knowing the flavor of the day was top-of-mind for most users, we started out with a custom build Flavor Preview app for iOS that distributes a daily push notification announcing exactly what southeast Wisconsin's custard-heads want to know.

In addition to the mobile app, we crafted a beautifully designed, easy-to-use website that showcases the viscerally pleasing colors and textures of its frozen-custard creations through sleek, high-quality photography. Perhaps most importantly, we developed a ecommerce platform that leverages Kopp's small batch custard production model to provide fans everywhere with the ability to order personalized 10-packs of their favorite custard and have them shipped anywhere in the country - all without melting. Our custom ecommerce platform processes 1000's of custard orders every month and is coupled with a custom designed order management system tailored to their unique fulfillment model.

The Outcome

Each month, more than 500,000 people want to know one simple thing: What’s today’s flavor?

Kopp’s custom website and mobile app—both equipped with the Flavor Preview—not only answer this question, but deliver more than 100,000 automated email and push notifications per month. Complete with online ordering and a custom fulfillment system that handles 1000's of custom 10-pack orders, the website also continues to drive robust demand for custard and other menu items, both in-store and online.

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