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The Challenge

Capture the advanced essence of the Intellitorq technology in a digital space.

The ultra-modern appeal of the Intellitorq technology needed to be communicated in both the design and copy. But the medical industry can be slow to adapt, and Gauthier would still need to sell its manual torque limiters after the site launched. These competing needs to hype the new technology and not badmouth the old presented us with an unusual challenge.

The Solution

We designed and developed a site with a sleek, interactive design that captures the brand essence of Intellitorq, delivers technical data, and generates sales leads.

Using Intellitorq’s own attention to detail as inspiration, we crafted a sleek, simple, responsive design and built compelling features throughout the site. We created custom animations and realistic product renderings that demonstrate how the technology is integrated with common orthopedic tools. But our favorite element is the real-time feedback feature that demonstrates the Intellitorq’s color-changing alert capabilities and allows Android users to literally feel the haptic feedback in their hands.

The Outcome

The Intellitorq website allows Gauthier to introduce a brand-new category of products in a way that speaks to medical professionals everywhere. We loved tackling unique development challenges and proactively adding features that thrilled the client. The result is an elegant website that not only accentuates Intellitorq’s attention to quality but also positions Gauthier as a future-forward leader in the biomedical industry.

"Together with Lightburn, we designed a cutting-edge website to showcase our new technology. The Lightburn team was innovative, responsive, and a true pleasure to work with."

Dean Poulos
Sales & Marketing Manager
Gauthier Biomedical

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