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The Challenge

Rebuild a clunky, out-of-date website to handle massive amounts of content publishing.

Aside from an outdated and unspectacular design, AEM’s site had some serious UX, information architecture, and content-management challenges. The navigation was unintuitive, the overwhelming volume of content was inconsistently organized, and the CMS’s interface was slow to publish but quick to aggravate site managers.

The new Kentico site also required a third-party content marketing platform to be seamlessly integrated, both technically and aesthetically.

The Solution

With a renewed content strategy and a fresh take on user experience and design, we architected a new digital platform built on the Kentico CMS platform.

In-depth user testing revealed most visitors were only aware of a subset of AEM’s services, which meant that encouraging discovery and exploration was crucial. We kept the visual design austere yet aesthetically pleasing with thoughtful, unobtrusive design elements so users could navigate AEM’s huge volume of articles, blogs, and data without distraction. The new site is mobile friendly, so users can access AEM’s wealth of content from any screen size, browser, or device.

The Outcome

As a result of our thoughtful strategies for writing, organizing, and displaying content, AEM has seen a number of impressive quantitative improvements.
298% increase in membership information requests
3% increase in page views
8% increase in average session length
417% increase in newsletter signups

"I used to have to manually update all content on our old site, which was tedious and inefficient. Kentico is so intuitive that I had barely any training to do before people were comfortable editing content themselves."

Jennifer Knutson
Web Manager
Association of Equipment Manufacturers

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