Our team is in it for the long haul

Our experienced team is collaborative, invested, and only succeeds when you do. We don't stand on ceremony and we show up for you: your brand, your customers, and your culture.

We can't wait to get to know you better.

Andrew Wintheiser
Andrew Wintheiser Advisory Partner, Founder
Scott Wintheiser
Scott Wintheiser CEO, Founding Partner
Nora Lahl
Nora Lahl COO, Partner
Colleen Campbell
Colleen Campbell Director of Client Strategy
Stacy Hannemann
Stacy Hannemann Director of Production
Clay Patterson
Clay Patterson Director of Digital Marketing
Andrew Glaser
Andrew Glaser Business Analyst
Caitlin Mackey
Caitlin Mackey Lead UX/UI Designer
Steve Kaufman
Steve Kaufman Lead Front End Developer
Keith Donnell
Keith Donnell Lead Back End Developer
Amy Grabowski
Amy Grabowski Senior Project Manager
Robert Geiger
Robert Geiger Senior Front End Developer
Kyle Sands
Kyle Sands Senior Back End Developer
Nick Bosch
Nick Bosch Senior Digital Marketing Analyst
Andrew Lueneburg
Andrew Lueneburg Client Strategist
Matt Gordy
Matt Gordy Digital Project Manager
Kate Christianson
Kate Christianson Project Coordinator
Jenna Pepitone
Jenna Pepitone Content Manager
Betsy Tait
Betsy Tait UX/UI Designer
Scott-David Allen
Scott-David Allen Full Stack Developer
Kevin Topel
Kevin Topel Front End Developer
Corey Megown
Corey Megown Front End Developer
Raymond Cisneros
Raymond Cisneros Back End Developer
Taylor Belmer
Taylor Belmer SEO Analyst
Lauren Splitt
Lauren Splitt Digital Marketing Analyst
Mason Wiedmeyer
Mason Wiedmeyer Digital Marketing Analyst
Brent Gohde
Brent Gohde Content Marketing Writer
Staci Tischer
Staci Tischer Agency Marketing Manager

Interested in joining our team?

We're dedicated to maintaining a humble and authentic culture. We invest in our people by offering a number of opportunities for growth and ongoing benefits.