Transform Your Manufacturing Brand by Elevating Customer Experiences (CX)

Standing out isn't about what you make — it's how you make customers feel.

Progress Forward

Growth demands a strong foundation plus an undeniable understanding of your brand and customers. Your digital experience is the customer experience. Do you think you can do more? Then so do they. Lightburn will help.  

Take the Lead

CX strategies are a robust part of any business looking to get ahead.

Realign Business Goals

You've grown. So have your customers, operations and business goals.

Redefine VoC & Personas

Listen to your customers. Connect at a deeper level by giving them real value.

Understand the User Journey

Build more efficient processes, touchpoints and service offerings.

Make Data Actionable

Create a roadmap that takes you from where you are to where you want to be.

Grow With Intention

Use this knowledge to iteratively change for long-term growth.

Lightburn Helps

Reduce Waste & Unlock Potential

Avoid disjointed plans to create meaningful impact across departments.

Build Reliable, Repeatable Wins

Move the needle and increase sales by better connecting with customers.

Create a Strong Digital Ecosystem

Build a data-driven foundation across all of your digital tools and resources.

Our CX-Focused Manufacturing Clients

Douglas Dynamics

Clearing a path toward a strong digital ecosystem

We helped future-proof three manufacturing websites using WordPress multisite, improving performance and helping their team manage assets.

read more about Douglas Dynamics

Wells Vehicle Electronics

Using web design to drive product sales and recruitment

Wells VE needed to improve their digital experience so customers and jobseekers would search for, find and engage with content.

read more about Wells Vehicle Electronics

The Cawley Co.

D2C web and ecommerce design for a CX-focused brand

The Cawley Co. was excited to turn their attention to the D2C market by reimagining the customer experience and offering best-in-class customization tools.

read more about The Cawley Co.


Getting super-sticky with a new D2C audience

AMD wanted a robust ecommerce storefront and digital marketing strategy that could attract a new audience while impressing search engines.

read more about Teknitape

Trico Corporation

How well-designed CX can reduce website and app friction

Trico Corporation revamped their website and applications to highlight their MVP products, paving the way for advanced marketing practices.

read more about Trico Corporation

plus many more

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Web & App Design for Manufacturers

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The Lightburn Difference

Our clients tell us that there's something special about working with us. Why? We believe it's the following pillars of service that guide everything we do:


What you see is what you get. We speak frankly, deliver on our promises, and openly share information with all our partners.


We build relationships that go the distance: our team, clients, platforms, and processes. We'll support your team for the long haul.


We start with the quick wins. We won't waste your time or investment. Our goal is to strike a balance between form and function.

Moving into a D2C market

Create an end-to-end buying experience for your customers with technology that supports your sales and dealer support strategy.

Expand Consumer Reach

There's too much to do and never enough time to do it. Grow your market with a scalable digital marketing ecosystem.