Website Maintenance & Support Services

Get a flexible maintenance package

Proactively protect, maintain, and support your digital properties with a flexible (and scalable) website maintenance plan, built for your unique needs. 

Don't get trapped in a restrictive monthly retainer

Flex Support is a pre-set package of hours that can be used during a six-to-twelve-month term. While the burn rate may vary, you'll benefit from a set invoice schedule and avoid the 'reoccurring black-hole' that is monthly retainers. Unused hours can even be rolled over to the next term.

Use hours however you'd like during our engagement.


Fix Problems

Fix any technical, platform, security, and API challenges as they arise.

Maintain Site

Strategically edit and optimize properties from month-to-month.

Evolve UX

Dedicate hours for new website features and content enhancements.

Endless opportunities

Common challenges covered:

CMS Updates

You'll need to update your platform to maintain the integrity of your site.

Security Issues

A security breach may impacts your database and customer relationships.

Data Errors

Unexpected code updates can impact third-party systems.

Broken Links

Accidents happen. Fix broken buttons, links, and forwarding URLs.

Plugin Problems

Plug-ins and integrations create drag, or break UX while updating.

Popular enhancements leveraged:

Update SEO

New pages and assets may need metadata or clean-up.

Evolve CTAs

Leverage flex support to evolve headers, buttons, and calls-to-action.

Enhance Copy

Evolve copy for your ever-changing market and A/B test.

New Features

Design new features, components, pages, or products. Build it in stages.

Add Tracking

Level up first party data collection and gather analytics for actionable insights.

Schedule a consultation

Schedule a chat with one of our client strategists for more information.  

What to expect from Flex Support

Our goal is to create a consistent and reliable maintenance and support engagement for your stakeholders.

1. Dedicated Experts

You’ll be assigned to a dedicated team to support your account. You'll have a client strategist, project manager, UX designer and front and back-end developer to help out with any needs that may arise. 

2. Reliable Support

We’ll work to maximize services within your budget and timeline. When we say flexible, we mean it. Some businesses only need minimal hours for technical upgrades while others may require more to plan for a new features roadmap. 

3. Predictable Billing

While actual hours used may vary from month-to-month, you'll be invoiced on a set schedule to create a reliable support system for your team and your long-term goals without extra hassle.

4. Continuous Improvements

Your dedicated project manager will hold regular status calls with you to review the current tickets, projects, and tasks in progress and maintain a pipeline of upcoming updates and enhancements.

Fine Print: Unused hours can be rolled over month-to-month and term-to-term as needed only as long as a contract agreement is in place. You will forfeit any unused hours if our engagement ends before hours are fully utilized. The details of any Flex Support package will be determined by the stakeholders during negotiations and do not include digital marketing services. SEO updates include only minor metadata clean-up. Hours are determined by using a sliding scale that considers your CMS/DXP, the site's ongoing technical needs, reoccurring platform updates, security protocols, content optimization intentions, user experience enhancements, and the future state of your digital ecosystem. 

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