Notice: Due to high demand, GA4 support is now taking 30-45 days to get on schedule. Project completions still are taking about 2-weeks.

Demystify your GA4 Reports: Trust your data with our reporting 'Lift & Shift' solution

Google Analytics 4 is turned on now what?

If you're like most, GA4 is enabled, but you may still need to get all your events configured and common reports rebuilt. It is a whole different ball game — but we've got you covered. Our digital analysts can ensure you're tracking activities properly so you can trust your reporting data from the start.

Our reporting 'Lift & Shift' solution can help quickly:

  1. Deploy GA4 via GTM and setup event tracking
  2. Ensure conversions are properly firing
  3. Rebuild your most used common reports
  4. Review new reports in GA4 with your team

What you'll get

Analytics Audit

Meet with stakeholders to review the core metrics that need to be rebuilt.

Reports Setup

Enable or inspect GTM event tracking and mirror your existing reports.

Data Review

Ensure stakeholders have a base understanding of the platform.

Set up a free intro meeting

This informal 30-minute chat will ensure both teams have everything they need to be successful. 

What's included in this offer?

  • Free 30-minute consultation*
  • A 1:1 meeting with marketing stakeholders to determine top common reports 
  • GA4 technical setup (if needed)
  • Setup and customize existing common reports in the new 'Reports' tab by audiences, acquisition, behavior, and conversions specific to your business. 
    • May include traffic sources, engagement rates, event-based conversions, exit pages, network referrals, average time on page, mobile traffic, audiences, acquisitions, geographic information, technology types, search queries, landing pages, sessions, etc.
  • Setup core conversion tracking in new reporting layout
  • Meet and review new data and reports with stakeholders

What will require additional scope?

  • Hands-on report and platform training
  • Paid media and ecommerce metrics 
    • May include Google Ads data, average order value, customer acquisition costs, customer lifetime value, product performance, ecommerce conversion rates, abandonment rates,  etc. 
  • Drag-and-drop style web builder
  • Extensive multi-channel funnels
  • Organizing, editing, or reformatting UTM parameters 

Curious about cost?

For us, it is important that we're able to help our community set up these digital tracking tools correctly — the first time. Because of this mission, we are currently offering this service at a flat rate.

Past and existing clients $2,200

For clients who've already worked with our team, this flat fee assumes we already have, or can quickly be granted access to your current Universal Analytics and Google Tag Manager properties.

New engagements $2,950

For businesses looking to quickly rebuild their reports in GA4, and who's admin can quickly offer login access. Our team can become a temporary admin in order to help set up conversion and event tracking for a top reports.

What about ecommerce projects?

We can and will absolutely help our ecommerce clients and community members. Estores by nature or more complicated to track — there are more variables. In combination with their complexities, the Google gods are still working through some data inconsistencies between Universal Analytics and GA4. We are happy to set up the primary business dashboards for our ecommerce pals, and will provide additional quote for e-commerce events, metrics, conversions. 

The fine print: This service is provided to qualifying businesses on a traditional CMS system who already have Universal Analytics set up. Platforms such as Wix and Squarespace are excluded. Our agency works in sprints, projects timelines will be based on availability, after our initial meeting. Most Google Analytics 'Lift & Shift' projects are scheduled promptly, and completed within two weeks from their kick-off date. However, support requested between June 15 and August 1 will see a 30 to 45 day wait period before projects can get on schedule. Analytics projects can be complex. Because of this, Lightburn reserves the right to quote any and all additional services that lie beyond this offer. The intention of our 'Lift & Shift' services are to change platforms and rebuild basic properties for organizations who are already have the existing infrastructure. All additional work will be quoted as a new web project, or can request continual maintenance and support services. Clients with maintenance and support agreements do not qualify for the free consultation. Work will continue to be billed on an hourly, as requested basis. While we have a previously run this offer, time and space is limited. The flat fee right now includes expedited service costs.