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Our Values

A lot of heart and soul go into each project, but it's these values that we all commit to which impact every decision at Lightburn.


We encourage growth and continuing education for all of our employees so that we can bring the latest trends and innovations to our clients. We also like to look nice at meetings.


We understand the value of a work/life balance, and it shows. In the most basic terms, we like each other, and have an expectation of kindness amongst ourselves, and with our clients.


We enjoy working with clients who want to be a partner with us in crafting exceptional digital experiences. We rely on the expertise of every member of our team to provide a digital solution that is a well-rounded and complete thought.


We take pride in providing the highest level of excellence on every project we work on. We're not much for bragging, but we're proud of the work that we've accomplished and the team that we're a part of.


Whether we're talking about our developers, designers or project managers, every member of our team contributes to the overall creativity that is front and center on each of our projects. Many of us create some pretty fantastic doodles too.